JONA Special Reprint

A special reprint of JONA Vol. 40(1), Tahoma Legends discusses the relationship that two American cultures, the Indian and non-Indian, have developed to the mountain, and how each has adapted its own legends to incorporate elements of the other culture. This work presents a collection of these legends, derived from a variety of anthropological, historical, and popular sources.

The legends are discussed in the context of two different cultural settings, one that calls the mountain Tahoma, the other Mount Rainier.

Memoir Series

The JONA Memoir Series offers a more thematic approach than the biannual issues, covering a range of topics relating to efforts of anthropological study in the Northwest.

Memoirs 1–6 are only available digitally.
Please contact our office if you are interested in obtaining one of these digital memoirs.

Memoir 7

Festschrift in Honor of Max G. Pavesic (Journal of Northwest Anthropology)
By Susan Pengilly, Robert M. Yohe II, Carolynne L. Merrell, Keo Boreson, Dana Komen, Daniel Meatte, Thomas J. Green, Suanne J. Miller, Lori K. Schiess

Memoir 8

Action Anthropology and Sol Tax in 2012: The Final Word? (Memoir)
By Douglas E. Foley, Susan Tax Freeman, Robert E. Hinshaw, Solomon H. Katz, Joshua Smith, Albert L. Wahrhaftig, Tim Wallace, Joan Ablon, John H. Bodley