Archaeology Roadshow 2018

Two free archaeology events are coming to Oregon! 

  1. Portland: Saturday June 2nd
    Portland State campus next to the Farmers Market

  2. Harney County (Burns/Hines): Saturday June 9
    Portland State University is working with archaeologists, heritage specialists and school groups in Harney County to support their creation of activities that promote heritage on the east side of our fair state. We'll host a panel of experts to identify the artifacts visitors bring to the event.

Archaeology Roadshow's theme this year is 'the Archaeology of Change.' Fundamentally, archaeologists study the ways people, societies, and environments change through time: within a year, over decades, centuries, or even millennia. Sometimes cultures persist in the face of environmental upheavals or cultural shifts; sometimes they don't. Why in some places and times do once highly-mobile people become sedentary? Why do the food choices people make change or not? Why is change sometimes fast or sometimes gradual? Why do some parts of culture persist (and some parts change)?