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Archaeology Roadshow -- Harney County

Free event in Burns/Hines, OR!

Portland State University is excited to announce that Archaeology Roadshow is going “on the road” again in 2018, with a Roadshow planned for Burns/Hines on June 9, 2018. They hope to take a minimum of five exhibits from the Portland Roadshow along with the professionals and students who created the activities. We're working with archaeologists, heritage specialists and school groups in Harney County to support their creation of activities that promote heritage on the east side of our fair state. They will host a panel of experts to identify the artifacts visitors bring to the event. Scott Thomas (BLM) has graciously and generously agreed to serve as local coordinator of the Harney County event.  

PSU's goal is to use our experience developing the satellite Roadshow in Harney County as a model that could be taken to communities across the state in successive years, as we continue to gain knowledge about best practices (both for Portland events and rural communities) and the financial support becomes secure. 

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