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Northwest Anthropology (NWA) LLC is a cultural resource management firm owned and operated by Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Our expertise ranges from the Paleoindian period, through the Historic period, and into modern day. NWA's staff consists of Tribal and non-Tribal professionals who work together to provide a balanced perspective.

NWA was founded in 2009 by Darby C. Stapp and Julie G. Longenecker. The firm has worked to build relationships with and between agencies and entities in the region, with a goal of collaboration and cultural preservation and perpetuation at the forefront of every project. Agencies and entities with whom NWA has a relationship include the Wanapum Band, Grant County PUD, Bonneville Power Administration, the Department of Energy, the City of Richland, the United States Forest Service, Washington Department of Natural ResourcesUnited States Bureau of ReclamationWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service, among others.

NWA offers a variety of anthropological services, including traditional cultural property impact assessments, ethnobotanical assessments, ethnographic interviews and transcriptions, archaeological surveying and monitoring, and more.