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The Journal of Northwest Anthropology (JONA) is a regional, peer-reviewed academic journal for the Pacific Northwest region with journal issues published biannually. The topics of articles within the journal vary widely, though works must fall within the four sub-fields of anthropology and relate to the Pacific Northwest.

In our Memoir Series, we publish works of a thematic nature. The topics of these memoirs range from collected works of distinguished anthropologists in the Pacific Northwest, Native American language dictionaries, reprints of historical anthropological material, and efforts of Native American and academic collaboration.

JONA aims to be a resource for those within the anthropological fields looking for information about the Pacific Northwest by spotlighting underrepresented individuals and groups, providing information about museum collections and field schools to subscribers, and keeping a running list of books, researchers, and northwest anthropologists.


Cultural Resource Management 

Northwest Anthropology LLC (NWA), a cultural resource management firm in Richland, Washington, was founded in 2009 by Darby C. Stapp and Julie G. Longenecker. The firm has worked to build relationships with and between agencies and entities in the region, with a goal of collaboration and cultural preservation and perpetuation at the forefront of every project. Agencies and entities with whom NWA has a relationship include the Wanapum Band, Grant County PUD, Bonneville Power Administration, the Department of Energy, the City of Richland, the United States Forest Service, Washington Department of Natural Resources, United States Bureau of Reclamation, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service, among others.

NWA offers a variety of anthropological services, including traditional cultural property impact assessments, ethnobotanical assessments, ethnographic interviews and transcriptions, archaeological surveying and monitoring, and more.

Our goal is to use this website to increase awareness of Northwest anthropology to the general public, descendants of the many cultures, anthropologists from other parts of the world, and even among anthropologists within the Pacific Northwest.

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