NWAC 2020 is coming to Ellensburg, WA!

More details to come.

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Spreading research across the Northwest

Beginning in 1968, the journal began publishing the abstracts from the Northwest Anthropological Conference, a tradition that continues to this day. Also published were the titles of papers from the first 20 years of the conference, which began in 1948. The purpose of publishing abstracts of papers from the annual conference was explained by Roderick Sprague in NARN Volume 2, Number 1:

The dissemination of information concerning unpublished research continues to be one of the primary concerns of the editors of NARN. One major source of such information can be found in the papers presented at the annual meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference. After 21 years of existence, this annual conference still remains as an informal, no-dues-collecting association—a structural feature that has been overwhelmingly reaffirmed by the membership on several occasions. This informal structure represents the strength of the organization but also produces its major weakness—the lack of a uniform system for the reproduction of the annual sets of abstracts. The annual publication of the abstracts in NARN... will give wider distribution to these abstracts without formalizing the structure of the conference itself.

Publishing Student Papers

Every year, NWAC hosts a student paper competition; the first and second place winners receive the opportunity to publish their papers in JONA. This helps serve as learning experience for the student about the process and expectations of submitting a paper for publication. We encourage students who are doing research on anthropological topics pertaining to the Pacific Northwest region to submit a paper at NWAC. 

Abstracts from past conferences

  • 70th NWAC 2017 - Spokane, Washington
    Hosted by Eastern Washington University (Abstracts were not provided)

  • 69th NWAC 2016 - Tacoma, Washington
    Hosted by Washington State Parks and Recreation Commissons

  • 68th NWAC 2015 - Eugene, Oregon
    Hosted by University of Oregon's Anthropology Department and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

  • 67th NWAC 2014 - Bellingham, Washington
    Hosted by Western Washington University

  • 66th NWAC 2013 - Portland, Oregon
    Hosted by Portland State University