The Journal of Northwest Anthropology began in 1967 as Northwest Anthropological Research Notes and was published out of the University of Idaho by Deward E. Walker, Jr. The first NARN was published in 1967 and was co-edited by Walker and James A. Goss, with the assistance of a distinguished group of associate editors.

In 1969, Walker left Idaho for the University of Colorado, and Roderick Sprague (University of Idaho) replaced James Goss as co-editor.

It wasn't until 2002 that Northwest Anthropological Research Notes changed its name to the Journal of Northwest Anthropology

When Sprague retired in 2005, JONA was no longer published at the Univeristy of Idaho. He continued publishing the journal out of his home with his wife, Linda Sprague, helping him with the logistics. 

Darby C. Stapp joined Walker and Sprague as a co-editor in 2009. Two years later his editorial duties increased with the passing of Sprague. 

Currently, JONA is produced in Richland, WA out of Northwest Anthropology LLC, a cultural assessment firm. Walker and Stapp as editors maintain the 50-year publishing policy, accepting:

…contributions of professional quality dealing with anthropological research in northwestern North America.... Theoretical and interpretive studies are preferred, although highly descriptive studies will be considered if they are theoretically significant. The primary criterion guiding us in selecting papers will be how much new research they can be expected to stimulate or facilitate.
— Northwest Anthropological Research Notes 1(1), Spring 1967

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The journal’s Style Guide can be found here.