Volumes 1 through 10


VOlume 1, No. 1

Spring 1967

  • A Preliminary Bibliography of Washington Archaeology, Roderick Sprague

Volume 1, No. 2

Fall 1967

  • A Bibliography of Klamath Basin Anthropology, with Excerpts and Annotations—Revised Edition, B. K. Swartz, Jr.


Volume 2, No. 1

Spring 1968

  • Ceremonial Integration in the Plateau of Northwestern North America, Bill Brunton

  • Political Conflict on the Colville Reservation, John Alan Ross

  • Deprivation, Revitalization, and the Development of the Shaker Religion, John L. Schultz

  • Anthropological Papers Presented at the Northwest Scientific Association Meetings, 19241968, Roderick Sprague

  • Papers Presented at the First Twenty Annual Meetings of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 19481967, Roderick Sprague

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1968

  • American Anthropological Association Symposium on American Indian Fishing and Hunting Rights, Seattle, November, 1968.

  • The transcript of the round-table discussion of the Puyallup Tribe versus the Department of Game of the State of Washington, with Sol Tax (Organizer), Deward E. Walker, Jr., Gardner Brown, Marion Marx, Phileo Nash, George Dysart, Al Ziontz, Joe Muskrat, Nancy Lurie, Richard Pressy, Dick Laramie, Larry Coniff, Mike Johnson, and spokespersons for the Quinault, Yakima, Stillaguamish, Nooksack, Lower Nisqually, and Nez Perce tribes.

  • The Conflict over Nez Perce Hunting and Fishing Rights, James A. Baenen

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, 1969

  • First Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Student Competition 1969

    • First—A Method of Locating Petrographic Sourcesnof Obsidian Artifacts, Roger L. Cherry

    • Second—Risk Taking by Fortune Deepsea Trawler Captains: Difference in Strategies of Maximization, John J. Cove

Volume 2, No. 2

Fall 1968

VOlume 3, No. 1

Spring 1969

  • A Statistical Analysis of Culture Change Among Fourteen Southern Plateau and Northeastern California Indian Groups, Jon F. Hofmeister

  • The Waiilatpuan Problem: More on Cayuse-Molala Relatability, Bruce Rigsby

Volume 3, No. 2

Fall 1969

  • Juvenile Cranial Deformation and Fluoridosis, Robert D. Redfield

  • Ethics in Anthropological Field Work—Symposium

  • The transcript of the symposium presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, 1969, with Wilson Duff, Chairman, speakers Wayne Suttles, Barbara Efrat, and Charles E. Borden, and discussants Barbara Lane, Laurence Thompson, and Robert Greengo.

  • The Long Lost Program of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, 1954, Roderick Sprague

  • Current Archaeological Research on the NW Coast—Symposium

  • Site Survey in the Johnson Strait Region, Donald H. Mitchell

  • Yuquot, British Columbia: The Prehistory and History of a Nootkan Village, William J. Folan

  • Yuquot, British Columbia: The Prehistory and History of a Nootkan Village, John T. Dewhirst

  • Preliminary Culture Sequence from the Coast Tsimshian Area, British Columbia, George F. MacDonald

  • Discussion, Charles E. Borden, Donald H. Mitchell, William J. Folan, and George F. MacDonald

Volume 4, No. 1

Spring 1970

  • A Proposed Culture Typology for the Lower Snake River Region, Southeastern Washington, Frank C. Leonhardy and David G. Rice

  • Northwest Anthropological Conference Student Competition for Best Paper, 1970

    • First—A Functional Model for the Study of Modernization in a Mestizo Village of the Mesquital Valley, Hidalgo, Michael Thomas

    • Second—Resettlement in Newfoundland: A Displacement of Goals, Paul S. Dinham

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Corvallis, 1970

  • Cultural Relations Between the Plateau and Great Basin—Symposium

    • Introduction, Earl H. Swanson, Jr.

    • Toward the Recognition of Cultural Diversity in Basin-Plateau Prehistory, C. Melvin Aikens

    • Ecology in the Great Basin-Plateau Regions, Earl H. Swanson, Jr.

    • Basin-Plateau Cultural Relations in Light of Finds from Marmes Rockshelter in the Lower Snake River Region of the Southern Columbia Plateau, David G. Rice

    • Excavations on the Chilcotin Plateau: Three Sites, Three Phases, Donald H. Mitchell

Volume 4, no. 2

Fall 1970

  • Editorial: Sasquatch Research, Roderick Sprague

  • The Relationship of Aboriginal Nez Perce Settlement

  • Patterns to Physical Environmental and to Generalized Distribution of Food Resources, Madge L. Schwede

  • Ecological Sampling of Middens on the Northwest Coast, James J. Hester and Kathryn J. Conover

  • Stage and Statistical Models in Plateau Acculturation, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • George L. Howe and the Antiquarian, Roderick Sprague

    • Introduction and Biographical Notes

    • T he Antiquarian

      • Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1891: includes "A Curious Carving" (from the Willamette River mouth area)

      • Vol. 1, No. 2, August 1891: includes "The Origin of P. Kullkun, or Mountain Goats Historical Legend of the Cowichans," by James Deans and "Indian Doctors of Puget Sound," by Rev. Myron Eells

      • Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1891: includes "Oregon Folk-Lore Notes," by J. Owen Dorsey and correspondence concerning the "Yicsack," by James Deans

voLUME 5, nO. 1

sPRING 1971

Special Issue: An Exploration of the Reservation System in North America

  • Introduction, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Indian Reservations and the American Social System, Elizabeth Colson

  • The Reservation Community as an Interactional System, Fred Voget

  • Canadian Indian Reserve Populations, Gordon B. Inglis

  • White and Indian Farmers on the Umatilla Reservation, Theodore Stern and James P. Boggs

  • Reciprocity and Market Exchange on the Flathead Reservation, C. Thomas Brockmann

  • Northern Townsmen, John J. Honigmann

  • Reservation Phenomena in Canada's Northwest Territories, Jacob Fried

Volume 5, No. 2

Fall 1971

  • Sasquatch Handprints, Grover S. Krantz

  • Some Pacific Northwest Native Language Names for the Sasquatch Phenomenon, Bruce Rigsby

  • Tlingits of Bucareli Bay, Alaska (1774–1792), Mary Gormly

  • The Public Image of Archaeology in Washington State, Gerald R. Clark

  • Field Notes and Correspondence of the 1901 Field Columbian Museum Expedition by Merton L. Miller to the Columbia Plateau, Roderick Sprague

    • Linguistic Notes, Haruo Aoki and Bruce Rigsby

Volume 6, No. 1

Spring 1972

  • The Concept of Technological Systems, Wilbur A. Davis

  • On the Cultural Track of the Sasquatch, Wayne Suttles

  • Anatomy of the Sasquatch Foot, Grover S. Krantz

  • An Emergency Light Table in the Field, Donald N. Abbott

Volume 6, No. 2

Fall 1972

  • The Southern Plateau: An Ecological Analysis of Intergroup Relations, Angelo Anastasio

  • Additional Notes on Sasquatch Foot Anatomy, Grover S. Krantz

  • A Short Practical Dictionary of the Gitksan Language, Compilers, Lonnie Hindle and Bruce Rigsby

  • A Study of Two Northwest Housepit Populations, Michael D. Southard

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, 1971

  • A Classification of Burials in the Lower Snake River, Michael J. Rodeffer

Volume 7, No. 1

Spring 1973

Volume 7, No. 2

Fall 1973

  • Indian Fisheries Productivity in Pre-contact Times in the Pacific Salmon Area, Gordon W. Hewes

  • New Light on Old Issues: Plateau Political Factionalism, Sylvester L. Lahren and John L. Schultz

  • A Function of the Curve of Spee, Grover S. Krantz

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1972

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, La Grande, 1973

Volume 8,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/fall 1974

Reprint of Report of the Committee for Investigating and Publishing Reports of the Physical Character, Languages, and Industrial and Social Conditions of the North-Western Tribes of the Dominion of Canada, from the Report of the Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1886-1899.

  • First Report of the Committee

    • Report on the Blackfoot Tribe, Horatio Hale

  • Second Report of the Committee

  • Third Report of the Committee

    • Suggestions for Investigation

    • Report on the Blackfoot Tribe, Edward F. Wilson

    • Notes on the Report of the Rev. E. F. Wilson, Horatio Hale

  • Fourth Report of the Committee

    • Preliminary Notes on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

    • Report on the Sarcee Indians, Edward F. Wilson

    • Notes on the Foregoing Report, Horatio Hale

  • Fifth Report of the Committee

    • Remarks on North American Ethnology, Horatio Hale

    • First General Report on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

  • Sixth Report of the Committee

    • Remarks on the Ethnology of British Columbia, Horatio Hale

    • Second Report on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

    • Lku'ñgEn (Songish); Nootka; Kwakiutl; and Shuswap

    • Deformed Crania from the North Pacific Coast

    • Linguistics

  • Seventh Report of the Committee

    • Introduction, Daniel Wilson

    • Third Report on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

  • Eighth Report of the Committee

    • Remarks on Linguistics Ethnology, Horatio Hale

    • Report on the Kootenay Indians of SE B.C., A. F. Chamberlain

  • Nine [Ninth] Report of the Committee

    • Fourth Report on the Indians of British Columbia

    • The Indians of the Lower Fraser River, Franz Boas

  • Tenth Report of the Committee

    • Fifth Report on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

    • Physical Characteristics of the Tribes of the North Pacific Coast

    • Tinneh of Nicola Valley; Tinneh of the Portland Inlet; The Nass River Indians

    • Linguistics

  • Eleventh Report

    • Sixth Report on the Indians of British Columbia, Franz Boas

    • Notes on the Kwakiutl

    • The Houses of the Tsimshian and Nisk a'

    • The Growth of Indian Children from the Interior of British Columbia

    • Linguistic Notes

  • Twelfth and Final Report of the Committee

    • Physical Characteristics of the Tribes of B. C., Franz Boas

    • The Chilcotin, Livingston Farrand

    • The Social Organization of the Haida, Franz Boas

    • Linguistics, Franz Boas

    • Summary of the Work of the Committee in B. C., Franz Boas

  • Papers based largely on Investigations carried for the Committee

  • Appendix: Index to Reports IV – XII

Volume 9, No. 1

Spring 1975

Special Issue: Pacific Northwest Historical Archaeological Research, EditorLester A. Ross

  • Forward through the Historic Past, Lester A. Ross

  • The Development of Historical Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest, Roderick Sprague

  • Historical Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest: Investigations into Euroamerican Encroachment, Paul E. Nesbitt

  • An Unusual Historic Indian Burial from the Salmon River Estuary, Lincoln County, Oregon, John A. Woodward and Dale Archibald

  • Early Nineteenth Century Euroamerican Technology within the Columbia River Drainage System, Lester A. Ross

  • Gunflints: Their Possible Significance for the Northwest Hudson's Bay Company Fort Umpqua, 1836–1853, Stephen White

  • Hudson's Bay Company Fort Umpqua, 1836–1853, Norman D. Schlesser

  • U. S. Customs and the Hudson's Bay Company, 1849–1853, Harvey W. Steele

  • Archaeological Investigations at Champoeg, Oregon 1973, John H. Atherton

  • The Bay View Cannery—Skamokawa Village Site, Keith D. Gehr

  • An 1880/1890 Northwest Oregon Homestead Site (35-UN-71) near Telocaset, Oregon, George R. Mead and Bruce Womack

  • The Bottles from Baker's, William Wahlke and John A. Woodward

  • Archaeology of the Recent Past: Silcott, Washington, William H. Adams

  • The Availability and Selection of Ceramics at Silcott, Linda P. Gaw

  • Wood, Textile, and Leather Conservation Techniques for the Archaeologist, Gerald H. Grosso

Volume 9, No. 2

Fall 1975

  • Cultural Ecology in the Canadian Plateau, Gary B. Palmer

  • Units of Culture and Units of Time: Periodization and Its Use in Syntheses of Plateau Prehistory, Barbara Bicchieri

  • Form and Function in Alaskan Eskimo and Indian Musics, Thomas F. Johnston

  • Perceptions and Images of the Wild Man, Gordon R. Strasenburgh, Jr.

  • Ten Year Editorial, Roderick Sprague

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 27th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Corvallis, 1974

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Seattle, 1975

  • Mudflow Disaster, Gerald C. Hedlund

  • Rock Art of the Pacific Northwest, Keo Boreson

  • A Bibliography of Petroglyphs/Pictographs in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, Keo Boreson

Volume 10, No. 1

Spring 1976

Volume 10, No. 2

Fall 1976

  • Riverine Period Settlement and Land Use Pattern in the Priest Rapids Area, Central Washington, William S. Dancey

  • Intergroup Ties and Exogamy Among Northern Coast Salish, Edwin J. Allen, Jr.

  • Northwest Anthropological Conference 1975 Student Paper Competition

    • Co-First—The Cephalic Index: The History of an Idea in Physical Anthropology, B. Raymond Druian

    • Co-First—Harlan I. Smith, Boas, and the Salish: Unweaving Archaeological Hypotheses, Ellen W. Robinson

  • Reflections on Acculturation Processes and Stages: A Reply to Deward E. Walker, Jr., Fred W. Voget

  • On the Nonmigration of Hunting People, Grover S. Krantz

  • James Swan and Makah Cosmology: A Clarification, Jay Miller

  • The Pons Asinorum: A Case Study of the Smilerp Ritual at Pound-Laundry Etats Vinu, Leslie E. Wildesen and B. Raymond Druian

  • Stones in the Pit: Scientific Archaeology in Elementary Schools, R.E. Ross and T.C. Hogg

  • A Preliminary Annotated Bibliography of the Prehistoric Archaeology of Puget Sound and the San Juan Archipelago, Joan M. Robinson

Volumes 11 through 20


Volume 11, No. 1

Spring 1977

  • Early Culture Contact on the Northwest Coast, 1774–1795: Analysis of Spanish Source Material, Mary Gormly

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1976

  • A Hominologist's View from Moscow, USSR, Dmitri Bayonov

Volume 11, No. 2

Fall 1977

  • Second Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Symposium on Historical Archaeology, Organizer, William H. Adams

  • History, Historicity, and Archaeology, William H. Adams

  • The Ferry Hall Attic Site: An Example of the Above-Ground Archaeology, Timothy B. Riordan

  • Preliminary Survey of the Gulick Homestead/Indian Shaker Church (Lone Pine Island) Site, Gary Reinoehl and Susan W. Horton

  • A Report on the Metal Artifacts from the Mostul Cemetery, an Historic Clackamas River Indian Site, John A. Woodward

  • The Jesuit Reduction System Concept: Its Implications for Northwest Archaeology, Robert M. Weaver

  • Euroamerican Artifacts in the Oregon Territory, 1829–1860: A Comparative Survey, Harvey W. Steele

  • Haida Argillite Carvings at Fort Vancouver, Daniel Taylor Crandall

  • Transfer Printed Spodeware Imported by the Hudson's Bay Company: Temporal Markers for the Northwestern U. S., Lester A. Ross

  • A Model For Determining Time Lag of Ceramic Artifacts, William H. Adams and Linda P. Gaw

  • Silcott Harvest 1931: A Study of the Individual through Archaeology, Timothy B. Riordan

  • Aboriginal Artifacts on Non-Traditional Material: Six Specimens from Fort Ross, California, John R. White

Volume 12, No. 1

Spring 1978

  • Treaty Controversy and Conservation: Address Presented at Whitman College, 13 April 1976, Allen P. Slickpoo, Sr.

  • Cultural Ecology in the Canadian Plateau: Estimates of Shuswap Indian Salmon Resources in Pre-Contact Times, Gary Palmer

  • The Weis Rockshelter: A Problem in Southeastern Plateau Chronology, George N. Ruebelmann

  • Canoe Names in the Northwest, An Areal Study, Barry F. Carlson and Thom Hess

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, 1977

  • The Experimental Replication of Paleo-Indian Eyed Needles from Washington, J. Jeffrey Flenniken

  • A Rebuttal to Krantz' Step Three Approach to Sasquatch Identification, Jon E. Beckjord

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Gunflints, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Results of a Questionnaire on the Sasquatch, Ron Westrum

  • The Smithsonian Institution 1934 Bonneville Reservoir Salvage Archaeology Project, George Phebus

  • An Analysis of Kwakiutl Plant Terms, Dale R. Croes

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Pullman, 1978

Volume 12, No. 2

Fall 1978

Volume 13, No. 1

Spring 1979

  • Two Conical Timbered Lodges in Central Oregon, Michael R Polk

  • An Additional Note on Stone Piling in the Pacific Northwest, Jerry R. Galm and Glenn D. Hartmann

  • Settlement and Subsistence in the Willamette Valley: Some Additional Considerations, Jerry C. Towle

  • Faunal Analysis: An Outline of Method and Theory with Some Suggestions, R. Lee Lyman

  • The Nez Perce Flute, A. Loran Olsen

  • Moiety Birth, Jay Miller

  • An Analysis of a Tool Type: Peripherally Flaked Cobbles, Darek R. Valley

  • The Improbable Primate and Modern Myth, Richard Beeson

Volume 13, No. 2

Fall 1979

  • The Marmes Burial Casts, Gary S. Breschini

  • Oldest Human Remains from the Marmes Site, Grover S. Krantz

  • The Association Between Anthropogenic Prairies and Important Food Plants in Western Washington, Helen H. Norton

  • A Note on Archaeological Sites Mentioned by Lewis and Clark in the North Bonneville Area, Washington, Robert C. Dunnell

  • Trampling as an Agency in the Formation of Edge Damage: An Experiment in Lithic Technology, J. Jeffrey Flenniken and James C. Haggarty

  • The Stock of the European Sale Shop at Fort Vancouver, 1829–1860, Harvey W. Steele

Volume 14, No. 1

Spring 1980

  • Sahaptin Fish Classification, Eugene Hunn

  • Trade Bells of the Southern Plateau: Their Use and Occurrence Through Time, Claudine Weatherford

  • Survival: The Final Ethic?, Dallas Van Horn

  • Avian Faunal Remains from Archaeological Middens MakahTerritory, Washington, Edward Friedman

  • Inference from Bone Distributions in Prehistoric Sites in the Lower Granite Reservoir Area, Southeastern Washington, R. Lee Lyman

Volume 14, No. 2

Fall 1980

  • Pacifism—A Myth of the Plateau, Susan Kent

  • Obsidian Butcher Knives: The Formation of Edge Damage on Unmodified Blades, Donald Howes

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, 1979

  • The Ethnobotany of the Clallam Indians of Washington, Mark S. Fleisher

  • Settlement Patterns and Social Structure: A Prelude to Architectural and Archaeological Analysis of the Central Idaho Frontier, Terrence W. Epperson

VolUME 15, No. 1

Spring 1981

  • The Rock Art of Western Washington, Daniel Leen

  • On the Taxonomic Status of Sasquatch: An Anthropological Consensus, J. Richard Greenwell and James E. King

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 1980

  • The Ethnobotanical Imperative: A Consideration of Obligation, Implication, and Methodology, Helen H. Norton and Steven J. Gill

VolUme 15, No. 2

Fall 1981

  • Editorial: Changes in NARN

  • Stories Oregonians Tell About Coyotes—Folklore or Natural History, Roberta L. Hall and Alison T. Otis

  • Oregon Coast Prehistory: A Brief Review of Archaeological Investigations on the Oregon Coast, John A. Draper

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1981

  • Clay Tobacco Pipes from Spokane House and Fort Colvile, Michael A. Pfeiffer

  • Settlement and Subsistence in the Willamette Valley: A Reply to Towle, John R. White

  • Bibliography of Idaho Archaeology: 19771979, Max G. Pavesic, Mark G. Plew, and Roderick Sprague

Volume 16, No. 1

Spring 1982

  • "Celestials" in the Oregon Siskiyous: Diet, Dress, and Drug Use of the Chinese Miners in Jackson County, ca. 1860–1900, Jeffrey M. LaLande

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Burnaby, 1982

  • Red Light Ladies: A Perspective on the Frontier Community, Alexy Simmons

Volume 16, No. 2

Fall 1982

  • Franz Boas and the Bella Coola in Berlin, Douglas Cole

  • Prehistoric Settlement and Land Use in the Dry Columbia Basin, James C. Chatters

  • Tsimshian Moieties and Other Clarifications, Jay Miller

  • Horizontal Log Construction Corner Types, Margaret L. Glover

  • Archaeology for the Future: The Preservation of Archaeological Collections

    • Introduction, Kevin Erickson

    • Archaeological Preservation and the Future of Archaeology, Jeffrey E. Mauger

    • Curation Management: Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability, Leonard Williams

    • Archaeological Curation and the Law, Sheila A. Stump

    • Archaeological Collections and the Trash Bin Syndrome, Thomas H. Loy

    • The Preservation of Written and Printed Archaeological Records, Roderick Sprague

    • Photographic Preservation for the Archaeologist, J. Michael Short

    • Thoughts on the Collection, Conservation, and Curation of Faunal Remains, David R. Huelsbeck and Gary Wessen

  • Eskimo Recollections of Their Life Experiences, A. H. Leighton and D. C. Leighton

Volume 17,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1983

Volume 18, No. 1

Spring 1984

  • An Early Complex at the Mouth of the Columbia River, Rick Minor

  • Kalapuyan Subsistence: Reexamining the Willamette Falls Salmon Barrier, F. Ann McKinney

  • Buena Vista Stonewares: A Nineteenth Century Oregon Pottery, Daniel J. Scheans

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Boise, 1983

  • The Interaction of Kin, Class, Marriage, Property Ownership, and Residence with Respect to Resource Locations Among the Coast Salish of the Puget Lowland, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

  • A Model of Large Freshwater Clam Exploitation in the Prehistoric Southern Columbia Plateau Culture Area, R. Lee Lyman

  • Evaporated Milk: Its Archaeological Contexts, James T. Rock

  • The Use of the Electron Microscope for the Detection of Heat Treated Lithic Artifacts, John A. Draper and J. Jeffrey Flenniken

Volume 18, No. 2

Fall 1984

  • Annotated Bibliography of Overseas Chinese History and Archaeology, Dixie L. Ehrenreich, Priscilla Wegars, Jonathan Horn, and Karen E. Smith

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1984

  • Terrestrial Oriented Sites in a Marine Environment Along the Southern Oregon Coast, Richard E. Ross

  • A Check List of Columbia Basin Project Papers, Roderick Sprague

Volume 19, No. 1

Spring 1985

  • A Culture-Historical Sequence for the South Thompson River-Western Shuswap Lakes Region of British Columbia, Mike K. Rousseau and Thomas Richards

  • Paleo-Indians in Western Oregon: A Description of Two Fluted Projectile Points, Rick Minor

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1985

  • Shellfish Utilization Among the Puget Sound Salish, William R. Belcher

  • A Species Named From Footprints, Grover S. Krantz

  • Culturally Altered Trees: A Data Source, Russell Hicks

Volume 19, No. 2

Fall 1985

  • Fraser Lillooet Salmon Fishing, Steven Romanoff

  • Cultural Resource Management and Archaeological Research in the Interior Pacific Northwest: A Note to NARN Readers on the Translucency of Northwest Archaeology, R. Lee Lyman

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Opium and Opium-Smoking Paraphernalia, Priscilla Wegars

  • The Multifunctional Use of Shellfish Remains: From Garbage to Community Engineering, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

  • Bears and Bear Hunting in Prehistory: The Rock Art Record on the Yellowstone, Thomas H. Lewis

  • Anthropology and Education—Symposium

    • Ethnic Studies in the Academy: Where is the Discipline? A Position Paper, James C. Peterson

    • Curriculum Development and Tribally Controlled Community Colleges, Daniel L. Boxberger

    • Lessons From the Classroom in the Field: Veracruz, Mexico, Daniel K. Early

    • Anthropology for the Military: Teaching Anthropology to Military Personnel, Kathleen Young

    • Tell Me, I'll Forget; Show Me, I Might Remember; Involve Me, I'll Understand, Joyce Greiner and Richard E. Ross

    • Screaming on the Periphery: The Anthropologist and the Community College, Dennis C. Shaw

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, 1986

  • Northwest Anthropological Conference 1986 Student Paper

    • First—Ecology and Death in Mateel: The Meaning of Hoka Hey, Jentri Anders

    • Co-Second—A Statistical Analysis of Evidence for Social Ranking in Food Laws in the Code of Jewish Law, Doria Fingerhut Raetz

    • Co-Second—The Devil in Disguise: Fat and the Feminine in Modern North America, Heidi Hill

Volume 20, No. 1

Spring 1986

Volume 20, No. 2

Fall 1986

  • Editorial

  • Sedentism on the Columbia Plateau: A Matter of Degree Related to the Easy and Efficient Procurement of Resources, E. S. Lohse and D. Sammons-Lohse

  • The Bandon Burials—Symposium

    • The Bandon Case (35-CS-43C): Applying the Oregon Burial Law, Richard E. Ross

    • A Bandon Perspective on Site 35-CS-43C, Betty Linton-Vogel and Roberta L. Hall

    • Faunal Remains and Artifacts from Bandon, Oregon Site 35-CS-43C, Lee W. Lindsay, Jr. and Anthony R. Keith

    • Analysis of a Sea Mammal Canine Pendant, Mariana L. Mace

    • Skeletal Population at 35-CS-43C, May, 1986, Roberta L. Hall

  • Microdebitage Analysis in Activity Analysis, An Application, Elizabeth D. Vance

  • Native American Religious Use in the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Madonna L. Moss

  • Coast Salish Social Organization and Economic Redistribution, William R. Belcher

  • Flora Present at the Pierce, Idaho, Chinese Mining Site, 10-CW-436, Priscilla Wegars

  • Comments on the Distribution of the Folsom Points in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho, Mark G. Plew and Daniel S. Meatte

  • Cultural Resource Management and the Oregon Bibliographic File System, Leland Gilson

Volumes 21 through 30


Volume 21,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1987

Special Issue: A reprint of the entire Davidson Journal of Anthropology, 1955, 1956, and 1957

Foreword to Reprint of Davidson Journal of Anthropology, Frederick S. Hulse

  • Volume 1, Number 1

    • Foreword, Frederick S. Hulse

    • The Principles of Clanship in Human Society, Paul Kirchhoff

    • Excavations at Meyer Caves in Central Washington, Alan Bryan

    • Spanish Documentary Material Pertaining to the Northwest Coast Indians, Mary Gormly

    • The Chilkat Weaving Complex, Joanne Hirabayashi

    • An Experimental Method of Chipped Stone Point Classification, B. Robert Butler

    • Toward A Psycho-Cultural Interpretation of Latah, Fred Adelman

    • Reindeer Breeding: Types and Origins, Chester S. Chard

  • Volume 1, Number 2

    • North American Social Organization, George Peter Murdock

    • Blackfeet Soumak Necklaces, Richard Conn

    • Nez Perce Horse Castration—A Problem in Diffusion, Douglas Osborne

    • Terrace Agriculture in the Central Andes, Earl H. Swanson, Jr.

    • The Story of Skalaxt, A Lummi Training Myth, Carrol L. Riley

    • An Archaeological Survey of the Columbia Basin Project in Grant County, Washington, Warren T. Lee

    • Making a Bird or Chief's Rattle, Viola E. Garfield

    • Making a Box Design, Viola E. Garfield

    • Radical Opposition in National Culture: A Case Study, John J. Honigmann

  • Volume 2, Number 1

    • Social Mobility and Surname: Two Comparisons, William C. Sayres

    • Archaeological Survey of Mt. Sheep and Pleasant Valley Reservoirs, George L. Coale

    • Archaeological Backgrounds of Pacific Culture, Douglas Osborne

    • The Potlatch and Social Equilibrium, Rosemary A. Allen

    • Shoshoni Ware from Idaho, Donald R. Tuohy

    • Seri Ethnozoology: A Preliminary Report, Borys Malkin

  • Volume 2, Number 2

    • Coping with the Universe, John J. Honigmann

    • Introduction to a Comparative and Entymological Dictionary of the Mongolian Language and Dialects, Udo Posch

    • The Origin and Development of High Culture, Joseph Haekel

    • The Social Disorganization of the Haida as Reflected inTheir Slate Carving, Erna Gunther

    • Perception and Acculturation, Michael J. Goldstein

    • Sumi Ethnozoology: Herpetological Knowledge, Borys Malkin

  • Volume 3, Number 1

    • Results and Interpretations of Recent Archaeological Research in Western Washington with Circum-Boreal Implications, Alan L. Bryan

    • Reaction to Stress: A Comparative Study of Nativism, Michael M. Ames

    • Mr. Gladwin and the Athapascans: A Review, Malcolm F. Farmer

    • The Salmon Weir on Green River in Western Washington, Arthur C. Ballard

    • The Dart-Thrower in Baja California, William C. Massey

  • Volume 3, Number 2

    • Non-ceramic Culture in Japan, Fumiko Ikawa

    • The Anthropologist and Population Genetics: A Discussion of Ethnographic Method, Richard H. Osborne

    • The Genetic Model and Uto-Aztecan Time Perspective, A. Kimball Romney

    • Petroglyphs from the Orinoco Area of Venezuela, Carrol L. Riley

    • Pacific Coast Clay Figurines: A Contraview, Warren W. Caldwell

    • Applied Anthropology: A Selected Bibliography, Arlene J. Fonaroff

VolUME 22, No. 1

Spring 1988

  • Peyotism in Idaho, Omer C. Stewart

  • Folsom Points in Oregon: A Reply to Plew and Meatte, Rick Minor

  • Bibliography of Missionary Activities and Religious Change in Northwest Coast Societies, John Barker

  • Cultural Resource Management in Alaska: A Current Perspective, Dennis Griffin

  • Oregon Coast Archaeology: A Critical History and a Model, R. Lee Lyman and Richard E. Ross

  • Excavation of a Brickwork Feature at a Nineteenth-Century Chinese Shrimp Camp on San Francisco Bay, Peter D. Schulz

VolUme 22, No. 2

Fall 1988

  • Diet 123: A Computerized Dietary Analysis Program Using Lotus 123TM, Nicolette I. Teufel and George J. Teufel

  • The Cultural Ecology of Hunting and Potlatches Among the Lillooet Indians, Steven Romanoff

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Gleneden Beach, 1987

  • Jargonization Before Chinook Jargon, William J. Samarin

  • Improbable Species, Deceit, and Social Control in the Context of Behavioral Ecology, Richard Beeson

  • Protecting American Indian Sacred Geography, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition Among the Nez Perce Indians: The First Ethnographic Study in the Columbia Plateau, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Loss, Transfer, and Reintroduction in the Use of Wild Plant Foods in the Upper Skagit Valley, Robert J. Theodoratus

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Tacoma, 1988

  • Religious Transformation Among the Snoqualmie Shakers, Kenneth D. Tollefson

  • Floral Remains from the Pierce Chinese Mining Site, 10-CW-436, Priscilla Wegars

  • The Art and Iconology of the Dance in the Petroglyphs of the Northern Plains, Thomas H. Lewis

Volume 23, No. 1

Spring 1989

Volume 23, No. 2

Fall 1989

  • An Overview of Northwest Coast Mythology, Jay Miller

  • The 1983 Nez Perce General Council Archaeological Panel, James Lawyer

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1989

  • The North West Company Fort at Tongue Point, Oregon, Ronald C. Corbyn

  • Aboriginal Coast Salish Food Resources: A Compilation of Sources, Judith Krieger

Volume 24, No. 1

Spring 1990

  • An Inventory of Goods and Resources Marketed by Native Groups, Fort Nisqually, 1833–1849, Helen H. Norton

  • Agricultural Innovation and The Rejector, Sylvester L. Lahren, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, 1990

  • Marine Shell Utilization in the Plateau Culture Area, Kevin Erickson

Volume 24, No. 2

Fall 1990

  • Perspectives on Coast Salish Subsistence—A Symposium, Organizer—N. Alexander Easton

  • Central Coast Salish Subsistence, Wayne Suttles

  • Seasonality of the Little Qualicum River West Site, Kathryn Bernick and Rebecca J. Wigen

  • The Archaeology of Straits Salish Reef Netting: Past and Future Research Strategies, N. Alexander Easton

  • Native Gulf of Georgia Subsistence and European Contact: Can We Detect Culture Change in Shells and Bones, Pamela J. Ford

  • Prehistoric Subsistence at the Pender Canal Sites and the Surrounding Area, Diane K. Hanson

  • Lithic Technology, Subsistence, and Settlement at Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, Kim Kornbacher

  • Coast Salish Subsistence Studies and a Methodological Barrier, Donald H. Mitchell

Volume 25, No. 1

Spring 1991

  • Life Beyond Inventory: Cultural Resource Site Protection on National Forest Lands in Oregon, Carl M. Davis, Thomas V. Russell, Jill A. Osborn, and Dennis K. Shrader

  • Fishing and the Wind River Shoshone Indians, Omer C. Stewart

  • Some Southern Plateau Tribal Tales Recounting the Death Journey Vision, Donald M. Hines

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 44th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Missoula, 1991

  • A Bibliography of James A. Teit, Roderick Sprague

  • Site Location Analysis in the Central Oregon Cascade Range, Sandra L. Snyder

Volume 25, No. 2

Fall 1991

  • On the Indian Tribes Inhabiting the North-West Coast of America, John Scouler

  • Alexander W. Chase and the Nineteenth-Century Archaeology and Ethnography of the Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast, R. Lee Lyman

    • Introduction, R. Lee Lyman

    • Siletz, or "Lo" Reconstructed [1869], Alexander W. Chase

    • Indian Mounds and Relics on the Coast of Oregon [1873a], Alexander W. Chase

    • Shell Mounds of Lat. 42° 02', 42° 05', & 42° 15', Coast of Oregon; Description of Stone and Other Implements Found in Them, with Some Notes on Existing Tribes of That Section of the Coast [1873d], Alexander W. Chase

    • Chase's Correspondence Subsequent to the Coast Survey [1880-82], Alexander W. Chase

    • Conclusions: Chase and Context, R. Lee Lyman

Volume 26, No. 1

Spring 1992

  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Contents by Title and Author, First 25 Years (19671991)

  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Style Sheet

  • Historical Period Plateau Culture Tree Peeling in the Western Cascades of Oregon, Eric O. Bergland

  • Idaho Archaeological Conferences (19731991), Daniel Meatte and Roderick Sprague

  • A History of Cultural Resources Management at the U. S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site, Washington, James C. Chatters

  • Small Painted Stones from Salish Territory, Beth Hill

  • Indians of Oregon, etc., George Mengarini

  • Aboriginal Curation and Lithic Mythology, R. Wayne Thompson

Volume 26, No. 2

Fall 1992

  • A Scrutiny of "A Scrutiny of the Abstract" and Editorial, Kenneth K. Landes and Roderick Sprague

  • Productivity of Tribal Dipnet Fishermen at Celilo Falls: Analysis of the Joe Pinkham Fish Buying Records, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 45th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Burnaby, 1992

  • What is that Black Stuff?: Identification of Black Argillite in the Northern Columbia Plateau, Madilane Perry

  • The Ellen Saluskin (hápteliks sáwyalilx) Narratives 1992; Traditional Religious Beliefs and Practices, Virginia R. Beavert Martin and Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Nutritional Analysis of Camas (Camassia quamash) from Southern Idaho, Mark G. Plew

Volume 27, No. 1

Spring 1993

  • Asian American Bibliography, Priscilla Wegars

  • Editorial

  • The Shoshone-Bannock: An Anthropological Reassessment, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 46th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 1993

  • Lemhi Shoshone-Bannock Reliance on Anadromous and Other Fish Resources,Deward E. Walker, Jr.

Volume 27, No. 2

Fall 1993

Volume 28, No. 1

Spring 1994

  • Defining a Nez Perce Feminine Dress Style, Kathleen Kearney and Janet Miller

  • Volcanic Lithic Classification in the Pacific Northwest: Petrographic and Geochemical Analyses of Northwest Chipped Stone Artifacts, Edward F. Bakewell and Anthony J. Irving

  • Abstracts from 47th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1994

  • Patterns of Exogamy among Southern Coast Salish, Helen H. Norton

  • Winning Paper, 47th NWAC: Color and Emotion Synesthesia Observed in U. S. Japanese Students, Kiersten Linnee Marsh

Volume 28, No. 2

Fall 1994

  • On the Pow Wow Circuit in the Interior Northwest, Kathleen A. Dahl

  • The Southeastern Idaho Prehistoric Sequence, Ernest S. Lohse

  • Towards an Early Social History of Chinook Jargon, Christopher F. Roth

  • Notes on Indian Houses of the Wappato Valley, Yvonne Hajda

  • Changes in subsistence Strategies at the Tsawwassen Site, a Southwestern British Columbia Shell Midden, Karla D. Kusmer

  • A Bibliography of Plateau Ethnobotany, Debra Welch and Michael Striker

Volume 29, No. 1

Spring 1995

  • Alice Cunningham Fletcher's "Ethnologic Gleanings Among The Nez Perces," Robert Lee Sappington and Caroline D. Carley

  • "You Toad-Sucking Fool": An Inquiry into the Possible Use of Bufotenine by Northern Northwest Coast Shamans, William Saxe Wihr

  • Abstracts from 48th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1995

  • Duwamish Tribal Identity and Cultural Survival, Kenneth D. Tollefson

Volume 29, No. 2

Fall 1995

  • A Bibliography of Frank C. Leonhardy, Madilane A. Perry

  • Geoarchaeological Analysis of a Site in the Cascadia Subduction Zone on the Southern Oregon Coast, Roberta Hall and Stefan C. Radosevich

  • Zooarchaeology of the Moses Coulee Cave (45-DO-331) Spoils Pile, R. Lee Lyman

  • Alice Cunningham Fletcher’s “The Nez Perce Country,” Robert Lee Sappington, Caroline D. Carley, Kenneth C. Reid, and James G. Gallison

  • Chronology and Subsistence Change at the Oceanside Site (35-TI-47), Tillamook County, Oregon, Jon M. Erlandson and Madonna L. Moss

  • An Overview of Cultural Resources in the Snake River Basin: Prehistory and Paleoenvironments

  • Introduction, Kenneth C Reid, editor

  • Lower Snake River Basin, Kenneth C. Reid and James C Gallison

  • Powder River Basin, Manfred E. W. Jaehnig

  • Clearwater River Region, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Final Comments, Kenneth C. Reid

Volume 30,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1996

Volumes 31 through 40


Volume 31,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1997

  • No Bones About It: The Effects of Cooking and Human Digestion on Salmon Bones, Christopher Jordan

  • Impediments to Archaeology: Publishing and the (Growing) Translucency of Archaeological Research, R. Lee Lyman

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 49th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, 1996

  • The Yakama System of Trade and Exchange, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Tribes of Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon, George Gibbs

  • The Lolo Trail: An Annotated Bibliography, Donna Turnipseed & Norman Turnipseed

Volume 32, No. 1

Spring 1998

  • Bighorn Sheep Procurement: Examples from the Middle Columbia and Lower Hell's Canyon Regions, Washington, Gordon A. Lothson

  • Report of Brevet Major Benjamin Alvord Concerning the Indians in the Territories of Oregon and Washington, Benjamin Alvord

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 50th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1997

  • The Sumas Figure and its Possible Prehistoric Origin, Robert E. Greengo

Volume 32, No. 2

Fall 1998

  • The Ethnohistory and Archaeology of Shellfish Utilization in Puget Sound, William R. Belcher

  • The Affects of a Dominant Hegemony on the Ethnogenesis of Contemporary American Indian Identity—Prize Winning Graduate Student Paper 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Sharon K. Moses

  • A Predictive Model for Locating Vaccinium-Huckleberry Processing Sites in the Northern Cascades of Washington—Prize Winning Undergraduate Student Paper 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Anna B. Lookabill

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Missoula, 1998

  • Implementing the Multicultural Curriculum, Deward E. Walker, Jr. and Peter N. Jones

  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Publication Style Guide

  • Chehalis Area Traditions, Jay Miller

  • Whatever Happened to Thelma Adamson? A Footnote in the History of Northwest Anthropological Research, William R. Seaburg

  • Native Legends of Oregon and Washington Collected by Franz Boas, Ann G. Simonds and Richard L. Bland

  • Suquamish Traditions, Jay Miller

Volume 33, No. 1

Spring 1999

Volume 33, No. 2

Fall 1999

  • Feminist Approaches to Pacific Northwest Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick, editor

    • Introduction: Feminist Approaches to Pacific Northwest Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick

    • A Working Woman Needs a Good Toolkit, Sylvia Albright

    • The Cutting Edge: A New Look at Microcore Technology, Sheila Greaves

    • Feminist Methodologies in Archaeology: Implications for the Northern Northwest Coast, Sandra Zacharias

    • The Search for Gender in Early Northwest Coast Prehistory, Heather Pratt

    • A Post-Androcentric View of Fraser Delta Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick

    • Engendering Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest, Madonna L. Moss

VolUme 34, No. 1

Spring 2000

  • Radiocarbon Dating in Eastern Washington and in Western Washington, R. Lee Lyman

  • Religious Background of Salish Aesthetics, Helmi Juvenon

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 52nd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Newport, Oregon, 1999

  • A Summer Trip Among the Western Indians, Stewart Culin

Volume 34, No. 2

Fall 2000

  • Cultural Resource Survey Investigations in Kittitas County, Washington: Problems Relating to the Use of a County-Wide Predictive Model and Site Significance Issues, Dennis Griffin and Thomas E. Churchill

  • A List of Washington State Radiocarbon Dates, R. Lee Lyman

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 53rd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 2000

  • Prize Winning Graduate Student Paper, 35th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference: Japanese Language Schools In Nepal, Sakiko Kurosaka

Volume 35, No. 1

Spring 2001

  • Herring Use in Southern Puget Sound: Analysis of Fish Remains at 45-KI-437, Robert E. Kopperl

  • Implications of an Experimental Freshwater Shrimp Harvest, Mark G. Plew and Jay Weaver

  • Peeled Lodgepole Pine: A Disappearing Cultural Resource and Archaeological Record, Carolynne Merrell and James T. Clark

  • Heat Capacity and Fragmentation Pattern Determinations of Potential Cooking Stones: A Case Study at the Qwu?gwes Archaeological Site (45-TN-240), Olympia, Washington, James M. Strong and Dale R. Croes

  • Letters from the Field: Alice Cunningham Fletcher in Nez Perce Country, 1889–1892—Part 1: Commissioner 1889–1890, Caroline D. Carley

Volume 35, No. 2

Fall 2001

  • Letters from the Field: Alice Cunningham Fletcher in Nez Perce Country, 1889–1892—Part 2: Commissioner 1891–1892, and Putnam 1889–1892, Caroline D. Carley

  • Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates and Culture Change: Implications of Socio-Complexity in the Mid-Fraser Region, British Columbia: 1st Prize Student Paper 2001 NWAC, Michael Lenert

  • Lower Salmon River Cultural Chronology: A Revisited and Expanded Model: One of two 2nd Prize Student Papers 2001 NWAC, Loren G. Davis

  • Artificial Cranial Deformation in the Koniag: Its Effects on Population Comparisons: One of two 2nd Prize Student Papers 2001 NWAC, Jamelon Emmick

Volume 36, No. 1

Spring 2002

NARN changed to JONA

  • Editorial

  • American Indian Sacred Sites and the National Historic Preservation Act: The Enola Hill Case, Frank D. Occhipinti

  • Cultural Resource Management-Driven Spatial Samples in Archaeology: An Example from Eastern Washington, R. Lee Lyman

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 54th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, Idaho, 29–31 March 2001

  • Deaths and Betrayals: Anthropology at the University of Washington, Jay Miller

  • A Radiocarbon Chronology for the Bullards Beach Site (35-CS-2/3) A Lower Coquille Village in Coos County, Southern Oregon Coast, Jon M. Erlandson, Robert J. Losey, Madonna L. Moss, and Mark A. Tveskov

Volume 36, No. 2

Fall 2002

  • Resource Cultivation in the Northwest Coast of North America, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

  • Simon: A Snohomish Slave at Fort Nisqually and Puyallup, Jay Miller

  • Evidence for a Prehistoric Whaling Tradition Among the Haida, Steven Acheson and Rebecca J. Wigen

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 55th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Boise, Idaho, 10–13 April 2002

  • Studying the Meaning of Time: 1st Prize Student Paper, 55th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2002, Judy Banks

  • Subsistence Pursuit, Living Structures, and the Evolution of Hunter–Gatherer Socioeconomic Systems at the Keatley Creek Site: 2nd Prize Student Paper, 55th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2002, Nathan B. Goodale

  • Chinese Restaurant Ware and its Importance to Asian-American Archaeology, Amber Creighton

Volume 37, No. 1

Spring 2003

  • Old World Infectious Diseases in the Plateau During the Protohistoric: Rethinking Our Understanding of “Contact” in the Plateau, Peter N. Jones

  • Cultural Resource Management in the Pacific Northwest: Working within the Process, Dennis Griffin and Thomas E. Churchill

  • Permitting Archaeology in Washington State: A Review of the First 25 Years, Stephenie Kramer

  • A Buried Promise: The Palus Jefferson Peace Medal, Cheryl Gunselman and Roderick Sprague

  • Archaeological Evidence of Mountain Beaver Mandibles as Chisels and Engravers on the Northwest Coast, R. Lee Lyman and Jamey Zehr

  • Journal Of Northwest Anthropology Publication Style Guide

  • Medicine Crossing: Representing Native American Lived Experience, Benedict J. Colombi

  • Evidence for Thermal Preconditioning in Patinated Basaltic Chipped Stone Artifacts, Edward F. Bakewell

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 56th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 19–22 March 2003

  • Barnacles: Fed Up with Being Unappreciated; First Prize Student Paper 56th Northwest Anthropological Conference, Keturah Huber and Jade Sommer

  • Northern Exposure: A Site for Hegemonic Struggle? Second Prize Student Paper 56th Northwest Anthropological Conference, Jennifer C. Gatzke

  • Sea-Level History and the Archaeology of the Northern Oregon Coast: A Case Study from Netarts Bay, Robert J. Losey

Volume 37, No. 2

Fall 2003

Volume 38, No. 1

Spring 2004

  • Remembering Archie Phinney, A Nez Perce Scholar, William Willard and J. Diane Pearson, editors

    • Introduction, William Willard and J. Diane Pearson

    • The Nez Perce Anthropologist, William Willard

    • Archie Phinney, the F.B.I., and the F.O.A., David Price

    • Numipu Land Loss: Following Archie Phinney’s Research, J. Diane Pearson

    • Numipu Winter Villages, J. Diane Pearson with Peter J. Harrington, Cartographer

    • Numipu Narratives: The Essence of Survival in the Indian Territory, J. Diane Pearson

    • Revisiting Phinney: Sixty-five Years after “Numipu,” Benedict J. Colombi

    • References Cited, J. Diane Pearson, Assembler

Volume 38, No. 2

Fall 2004

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) in Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington from Indigenous Peoples of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, David A Close, Aaron D. Jackson, Brian P. Conner, and Hiram W. Li

  • Joint Second Prize Student Paper, 57th Northwest Anthropological Conference: The Wapato Valley Predictive Model: Prehistoric Archaeological Site Location on the Floodplain of the Columbia River in the Portland Basin, Leslie M. O’Rourke

  • Joint Second Prize Student Paper, 57th Northwest Anthropological Conference: Whales, Boats, and Anthropomorphs: Iconographic and Contextual Analyses of Two Pictograph Sites in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, Melissa F. Baird

  • First Prize Student Paper, 57th Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference: The Effects of Multiple High-Ranked Prey Species on the Use of Evenness as a Proxy Measure for Diet Breadth: An Example from the Southeastern Columbia Plateau, Vaughn R. Kimball

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Eugene

  • NAGPRA in Southern Idaho: An Ethnographic Assessment of BLM Shoshone-Paiute Archaeological Collections, Deward E. Walker, Jr. and Daniel N. Matthews

Volume 39, No. 1

Spring 2005

  • Shellfish Remains from the Par-Tee Site (35-CLT-20), Seaside, Oregon: Making Sense of a Biased Sample, Robert J. Losey and Eleanor A. Power

  • Residential Mobility Among Indians of the Colville Reservation, Lillian A. Ackerman

  • Dibble Cultivating Prairies to Beaches: The Real All Terrain Vehicle, Jay Miller

  • Canoes and Other Water Craft of the Coeur d’Alene, Roderick Sprague

  • Culture and Thought in Prehistory: Inferences from Extant Graphic Arts: The Hamilton Dome Array of Petroglyphs, Thomas H. Lewis

  • Physical Anthropological Studies by Franz Boas: Introduction and Notes, Ann G. Simonds and translation, Richard L. Bland

Volume 39, No. 2

Fall 2005

  • Protecting Traditional Places Located on Private Property in Western Washington, Ellen Prendergast-Kennedy

  • Archaeology in Social Context: The Influence of Nationalism on the Discussions of the Ainu First Prize Graduate Student Paper, Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Shingo Hamada

  • Malaria in Africa: Is America Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem, First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper, 58th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Keirsten E. Snover

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2005, Spokane

  • Preserving Our Ideals, Franz Boas

  • Tahoma Legends: History in Two Voices, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

Volume 40, NO. 1

Spring 2006

Volume 40, No. 2

Fall 2006

  • Exotics, Exchange, and Elites: Exploring Mechanisms of Movement of Prestige Goods in the Interior Northwest: First Prize Graduate Student Paper, 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2006, Seattle, Colin Patrick Quinn

  • Making Use of Abandoned Collections: Formative Era Flakes from West Colorado: First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2006, Seattle, Patrick R. Meloy

  • Abstracts from the 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 29 March–1 April 2006, Seattle

Volumes 41 through 50


Scroll down to view Volumes 45(1)–51(1),
available digitally to the public.

Volume 41, No. 1

Spring 2007

  • The Killisnoo Picnicground Midden (49-SIT-124) Revisited: Assessing Archaeological Recovery of Vertebrate Faunal Remains from Northwest Coast Shell Middens, Madonna L. Moss

  • Mobiliary Carvings as a Key to Northwest Coast Rock Art, George Poetschat and James D. Keyser

  • Disease and Demography in the Plateau, Robert Boyd and Cecilia D. Gregory

  • Abstracts of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference 14–17 March 2007, Washington State University Pullman, Washington

Volume 41, No. 2

Fall 2007

  • An Introduction to Herbert W. Krieger’s Work on the Columbia River, Darby C. Stapp

  • Archeological Excavations in the Columbia River Valley,Herbert W. Krieger

  • Prehistoric Inhabitants of the Columbia River Valley, Herbert W. Krieger

  • A Prehistoric Pit House Village Site on the Columbia River at Wahluke, Grant County, Washington, Herbert W. Krieger

  • Salvaging Early Cultural Remains in the Valley of the Lower Columbia River, Herbert W. Krieger

  • Comparison of Two Village Tourism Development Models in Fenghuang County, China. First Prize Graduate Student Paper 60th Annual Meeting of the NWAC, Xianghong Feng

  • An Analysis of Mandibular Molar Occlusal Size Progression Patterns in Three Species of Australopithecines: First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper 60th Annual Meeting of the NWAC, Jamie M. Litzkow

Volume 42, No. 1

Spring 2008

  • Scantily Clad and Wearing Moccasins in Wet Weather”–Tuberculosis and Death in the Coeur d’Alene Tribe 1911 to 1937, Christina Heiner

  • Plateau Burial Studies Series, Editors

  • Spokan Burial Rituals and Associated Mortuary Belief, John Alan Ross

  • Coeur d’Alene Burials, Roderick Sprague

  • Microscopy Analysis in Identifying Cutting, Scraping, and Whittling Activities on Flake Tools from the QWu?gWƏs (45-TN-240) Site near Olympic, Germán Löffler

  • Charles Quintasket: Master of Languages, Brother of Mourning Dove, Jay Miller

  • Mourning Dove’s Other Women—Lizzie Runnels and Geraldine Coffin Guie,Jay Miller

  • Towards the Identification of Lampreys (Lampetra spp.) in Archaeological Contexts, Ross E. Smith Virginia L. Butler

  • Spirituality: Spirit Piracy and Native Sweat Lodges: First Place Co-Winner, Student Graduate Prize Paper Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2008, Line Laplante

  • The Power of a “Hot” Haircut: Consumers and Hair Salons in Victoria, B .C.: First Place Co-Winner, Graduate Student Prize Paper Northwest Anthropological Conference, 23–26 April 2008, Angélique Lalonde

  • Walí·mliyas: The Nez Perce National Historical Park Dugout Canoe Collection and Dugout Canoe Use Among the Nez Perce Indians, Bob Chenoweth

  • Abstracts of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference,Victoria, British Columbia, 23–26 April 2008

Volume 42, No. 2

Fall 2008

Volume 43, No. 1

Spring 2009

  • Editorial, Darby C. Stapp

  • “The Indians Themselves are Greatly Enthused”: The Wheeler-Howard Act and the (Re)-Organization of Klallam Space, Colleen E. Boyd

  • Archaic Hunter-Gatherer Diet Breadth and Prey Choice on the Snake River Plain, Mark G. Plew

  • Priest Rapids: Places, People, and Names, Bruce Rigsby and Michael Finley

  • The Evolution of Oregon’s Cultural Resource Laws and Regulations, Dennis Griffin

  • Geochemical Analysis of Obsidian from the DeMoss Site, Western Idaho: Implications of Western Idaho Archaic Burial Complex, Richard E. Hughes and Max G. Pavesic

Volume 43, No. 2

Fall 2009

  • Balanophagy in the Pacific Northwest: The Acorn-Leaching Pits at the Sunken Village Wetsite and Comparative Ethnographic Acorn Use, Bethany Mathews

  • A Window on the Past: Pane Glass at the Beatty Cave Archaeological Site, South-Central Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly, Mark E. Swisher, Christopher L. Ruiz, and Elizabeth A. Kallenbach

  • Backing into Disaster: Lessons in Cultural Resource Management from the “Graving Dock” at Port Angeles, Washington, Thomas F. King

  • Tylor’s Forgotten Legacy, Elwyn C. Lapoint

  • Synopsis, Synthesis, Skimping, and Scholarship: A Case Example from Chehalis in the “Other” Washington, Jay Miller

  • A Jesuit View of Indian Affairs in Nineteenth-Century Western North America: A Translated Letter from Fr. Etienne de Rouge, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Newport, Oregon 9–11, April 2009

Volume 44, No. 1

Spring 2010

  • Cascade Projectile Point Technology, Terry L. Ozbun and John L. Fagan

  • [Student paper winner] Displacement in Colombia: Identity Formation, Juan Esteban Zea

  • An Estimate of Aboriginal Nez Perce Village Size and Other Population Patterns Based on Ethnohistoric and Ethnographic Data, Deward E. Walker, Jr., Frank C. Leonhardy, and Mary Jane Walker

  • Jesus Visits Sweatlodge: Corpus Christi among the Interior Salish on the Colville Reservation of Washington, Jay Miller

  • Traditional Fishing Practices among the Northern Shoshone, Northern Paiute, and Bannock of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation: A Progress Report, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Nashat, Columbia River Prophet of the Waskliki/Feather Religion, Ann Fulton

  • Abstracts of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, Washington 25–27 March 2010

Volume 44, No. 2

Fall 2010

  • The Hoh Tribe in 1949: Richard “Doc” Daugherty’s Ethnographic Notebooks, Jay Miller, editor

  • New Insights into Lithic Tool Use from Protein Residue Analysis at Nine Prehistoric Sites in the Clearwater River Region, North Central Idaho, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Reassessing Bone and Antler Barbed Point Classification and Function in the Gulf of Georgia, Northwest Coast, Adam N. Rorabaugh

  • Startup: Richard “Doc” Daugherty’s 1947 Archaeological Survey of the Washington Coast, Jay Miller

You can click on the Volume to read the issue in its entirely. These volumes are also available in the JONA Digital Archive.

  • The Geography of Place and Landscape Formation, High Bar, Hells Canyon, Idaho, Morris L. Uebelacker

  • [Student paper winner] Foodways at Fort Yamhill, 1856–1866: An Archaeological and Archival Perspective, Justin E. Eichelberger

  • The Social Significance of the Watson Store to the Community of Spalding, Idaho, Sarah Heffner

  • First Nations Forts, Refuges, and War Lord Champions Around the Salish Sea, Jay Miller

  • Indigenous Digital Media and the History of the Internet on the Columbia Plateau, Adam Fish

  • The Boldt Decision: A Roundtable Discussion, Vine Deloria, Jr., Billy Frank, Vernon Lane, Dick Poole, Al Ziontz

  • The Daugherty 1947 Washington Coast Site List, Gary C. Wessen

  • On The Road Again or Red Light, Green Light: Transportation-Related Cultural Resources Management in Washington and Oregon, Scott Williams and Carolyn McAleer, editors

    • Introduction, Scott Williams and Carolyn McAleer, editors

    • Archaeology of the Malheur River Corridor, East Central Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly and Dennis L. Jenkins

    • A Good Place to Camp is a Good Place to Camp: Nine Thousand Years at the Williams Creek Site on the North Umpqua River, Brian O'Neill and Debra Barner

    • Early to Late Holocene Occupation at the Gee Creek Archaeological Sites in the Uplands of the Portland Basin, Michele L. Punke, Terry L. Ozbun, and Jo Reese

    • Tracking the Kerry Line: Evidence from a Logging Railroad Camp in the Nehalem Valley, Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly, Richard L. Bland, and Ward Tonsfeldt

    • Waiting for the End of the World: A Prototype Fallout Shelter Under I-5 in North Seattle, Craig Holstine

    • You Say Design/Build, I Say Oh No! Odot’s U.S. 20: Pioneer Mountain―Eddyville Project, Kurt Roede

    • Urban Archaeology, Good Faith Efforts, and the $12,000 Shovel Test Pit: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Deep Testing Methods for WSDOT Mega Projects, Kevin M. Bartoy

    • The Inadequacy of ¼ Inch Mesh Screen in Archaeology, Terry L. Ozbun

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  • [Student paper winner] When a Haama Loves an ‘Aayat: Courtship and Marriage among the Modern Day Niimíipuu as a Form of Indigenous Resistance, Tracy E. Schwartz

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  • [Undergraduate student paper winner] An Exploration of Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching among Bilingual Spanish-English Speakers in the Inland Northwest, Grace F. Cooper

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Volumes 51 and 52(1)

2017–Spring 2018

  • Engendering the Past: The Status of Gender and Feminist Approaches to Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest and Future Directions, by Tiffany J. Fulkerson

  • Chemical Sourcing of Obsidian Artifacts from the Grisson Site (45-KT-301) to Study Source Variability, by Anne B. Parfitt and Patrick T. McCutcheon

  • Exploratory Analysis and Significance Testing of the Nez Perce Settlement Patterns Model, by Lyle D. Nakonechny

  • Ancient Artifact or New Age Totem: Analysis of a Carved Sacrum from the Oregon Coast, by Dennis G. Griffin

  • Changes in Middle Holocene Shellfish Harvesting Practices: Evidence from Labouchere Bay (49-PET-476), Southeast Alaska, by Mark R. Williams

  • Editorial by Darby C. Stapp

  • The Kyzylsyr Middle Paleolithic (ProtoDyuktai) Culture of Northern Asia (150,000–35,000 Years Ago) by Yuri A. Mochanov and Svetlana A. Fedoseeva
    Introduction and Translation by by Richard Bland
    Commentary by Roy Carlson

  • Entering the American Continent: The Chehalis River Hypothesis by Dale R. Croes and Vic J. Kucera

  • Treaties, Coast Salish Literacy, and Thomas G. Bishop: A Republication of An Appeal to the Government to Fulfill Sacred Promises Made 61 Years Ago by Robert E. Walls

  • Owyhee Canyonlands and the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes by Ted Howard

  • Remembering David L. Cole (1928–2017): A Transitional Figure in Oregon Archaeology by Rick Minor and John L. Fagan

  • Metric Analysis of Chipped Cobble Net Weights on the Lower Spokane River (Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt) by Christopher M. Casserino

  • Journal of Northwest Anthropology List of Reviewers 2016–2017

  • 69th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Abstracts 24–26 March 2016

  • Erratum in Chemical Sourcing of Obsidian Artifacts from the Grissom Site (45-KT-301) to Study Source Variability

  • Editorial by Darby C. Stapp

  • The Social Importance of Volcanic Peaks for the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia by Rudy Reimer/Yumks

  • The Pacific Crabapple (Malus fusca) and Cowlitz Cultural Resurgence by Nathaniel D. Reynolds and Christine Dupres

  • Enduring Legacy: Geoarchaeological Evidence of Prehistoric Native American Activity in the Post-Industrial Landscape at Willamette Falls, Oregon by Rick Minor and Curt D. Peterson

  • A Multi-Authored Commentary on Carry Forth the Stories: An Ethnographer’s Journey into Native Oral Tradition with a Response from the Author, Rodney Frey by Darby C. Stapp, Deward E. Walker, Jr., Caj and Kim Matheson, Tina Wynecoop, Suzanne Crawford O’Brien, Aaron Denham, and Rodney Frey

  • A History of Anthropology at Reed College and the Warm Springs Project by Robert Moore, Robert Brightman, and Eugene Hunn

  • New Materials on the Ancient Bone-Carving Art of the Eskimos of Chukotka by Yu. A. Shirokov, Translated by Richard L. Bland

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