Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Journal of Northwest Anthropology


Northwest Anthropology LLC (NWA) is a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm owned by Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA) which assists clients (Tribes, federal and state agencies, and local governments) with their cultural resource-related consultation responsibilities.

The Journal of Northwest Anthropology (JONA) is a regional, peer-reviewed academic journal which is published by NWA.


JONA is published biannually. One issue is released in the spring (generally in March–May) and another issue is released in the fall (generally in September–November). Release dates are dependent on when manuscripts are submitted for each issue and how long each manuscript takes to be peer-reviewed and formatted.

Why are so many of your journals free to access? Don't you usually have to pay to view academic journals?

Most of our recent volumes are free and available to the public. JONA's primary criterion guiding us in selecting manuscripts is how much new research they can be expected to stimulate or facilitate. In order to stimulate and facilitate research, we make recent issues available to read for free. If there is an article from another volume that is of interest to you, please use our article request form; we will send you a PDF of the article free of charge.

We do make our most recent issues available only to our subscribers. They will become available to the public about a year after they are released. To view our most recent issues, purchase a Digital Subscription here.

Is there a way to save issues of JONA to my computer?

You can save the PDF versions of our available articles to your computer for future use. These are all available in our Digital Archive. Simply click the title of the issue you wish to download, then click the download icon at the top right corner of your browser after the PDF opens.