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Northwest Anthropology (NWA) LLC is owned and operated by Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Our expertise ranges from the Paleoindian period, through the Historic period, and into modern day. NWA's staff consists of Tribal and non-Tribal professionals who work together to provide a balanced perspective.

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Consultation Assistance

NWA draws upon its 50+ years of working with Tribes, federal and state agencies, and local governments to assist clients with their cultural resource-related consultation responsibilities. Our goal is to help our clients find mutually agreeable strategies that will protect important resources, especially traditional cultural properties and archaeological places. Where adverse impacts cannot be avoided, our consultation approach is designed to develop effective mitigation approaches.


Cultural Impact assessments

NWA's primary product is the cultural impact assessment, which is designed to evaluate a proposed project and identify potential impacts to imporItant cultural resources, primarily traditional cultural properties and archaeological places. Using a risk management approach, we identify pre-construction research efforts that comply with state and federal requirements and minimize the chances that resources will be disturbed during construction. Cultural resource services provided by NWA include regulatory analysis, consultation facilitation, historical research, oral interviews, field surveys, cultural risk assessment, traditional cultural property and archaeological site recording, construction monitoring, and preparing and implementing mitigation plans.


ethnobotanical services

In an effort to preserve and document traditional living resources, NWA offers ethnobotanical consultation services to perpetuate traditional lifeways and traditional ecological knowledge. We identify, geolocate, monitor ethnobotanical cultural resources, and develop and prepare treatment and mitigation options in order to promote sustainable habitat management.

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Service Inquiries

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