David H. Chance

All information from David H. Chance's obituary, found here.

David H. Chance was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1941.  When he was eight he moved, along with his family, to Assam, India.  He remained in India until he was eighteen years of age.  Growing up he roamed the Naga Hills with his father and the Himalayas, near Woodstock School in Mussoorie.  He became an experienced outdoorsman and developed a deep regard for the natural world.  He also became fluent in speaking Assamese.  His India years instilled in him a love of human culture, past and present. For more than thirty years David was an archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest, working on sites in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.  His work ranged from Native American sites to Hudson’s Bay Company posts and U.S. Army Forts.  Some sites of note include Kettle Falls fishery; St. Paul’s Mission; Fort Colvile of the Hudson’s Bay Company; Lapwai Creek and Spalding Mission; Fort Spokane; City of Rocks; Hatiupuh Village on the Snake River and Kanaka Village at Fort Vancouver.  He produced dozens of published reports, booklets and books on these subjects.  David spent his life exploring the past in order to connect it to the present and future.