Priscilla Wegars

Dr. Priscilla Wegars' areas of interest include historical Archaeology of Asian-Americans in the West, specifically Chinese-American and Japanese-American sites, artifacts and history; Chinese women, specifically Polly Bemis; 19th and 20th Century American material culture.

Priscilla Wegars is a historian, historical archaeologist, artifact analyst, editor, and proofreader. She founded the University of Idaho's Asian American Comparative Collection (AACC), a unique resource of artifacts, images, and documentary materials essential for understanding Asian American archaeological sites, economic contributions, and cultural history. Priscilla edited Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese (1993) and co-edited Chinese American Death Rituals: Respecting the Ancestors (2005). She wrote Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp (2010) and As Rugged as the Terrain: CCC “Boys,” Federal Convicts, and World War II Alien Internees Wrestle with a Mountain Wilderness (2013). She is currently expanding her book for children, Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer (2003), into a biography, for adults, of Polly Bemis's life. (