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George Howe

From Roderick Sprague in Northwest Anthropological Research Notes, Vol. 4(2), Fall 1970

George Louis Howe was born in Holden, Massachusetts on July 18, 1874 and came to Oregon at the age of 10 when his parents homesteaded at Granger, near Corvallis, Oregon. After graduating from Albany College in 1896, Howe attended Stanford University, majoring in mathematics, but never completing his degree. However, while at Stanford, Howe did archaeological work at the Castro Mound and had an interest in archaeology dating back to his childhood.

Howe taught in Lind County, Oregon, at Knox's Butte Public School and in Brownsville, Oregon. Howe recorded ethnographic, archaeological, and paleontological data with a camera at an early date. Roderick Sprague discovered three numbers of volume one of The Antiquarian, published in Albany, Oregon, in 1891, crediting Howe as its editor and publisher. These publications were reprinted in NARN Vol. 4(2) because of their rarity and importance to the history of anthropology in the Northwest. 

George Howe died in Lind County on April 4, 1951.