NARN/JONA materials concerning Geraldine Coffin Guie:

Geraldine Coffin Guie

Courtesy of Jay Miller in the Journal of Northwest Anthropology

The Coffins are a prominent family in the Yakima Valley. Geraldine, enrolled at the University of Washington, was one of its first anthropology majors, coauthoring a famous study of canoes while studying with Thomas T. Waterman (1922, 1924, 1973; Waterman and Coffin 1920; Waterman and Greiner 1921; Waterman et al. 1921). After Waterman went back to Berkeley, Geraldine Coffin studied with Leslie Spier and his then wife, Erna Gunther, who became a life-long friend.

Gerry's husband, Dean Guie, is listed as the editor of Mourning Dove's "folklores" efforts, Coyote Stories, finally published in 1933 (Mourning Dove 1933, 1976), the topic where the tape begins in the summer of 1980. All of the text is by Gerry, with questions and remarks by Jay Miller prefaced by JM.