Volumes 11 through 20


Volume 11, No. 1

Spring 1977

  • Early Culture Contact on the Northwest Coast, 1774–1795: Analysis of Spanish Source Material, Mary Gormly
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1976
  • A Hominologist's View from Moscow, USSR, Dmitri Bayonov

Volume 11, No. 2

Fall 1977

  • Second Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Symposium on Historical Archaeology, Organizer, William H. Adams
  • History, Historicity, and Archaeology, William H. Adams
  • The Ferry Hall Attic Site: An Example of the Above-Ground Archaeology, Timothy B. Riordan
  • Preliminary Survey of the Gulick Homestead/Indian Shaker Church (Lone Pine Island) Site, Gary Reinoehl and Susan W. Horton
  • A Report on the Metal Artifacts from the Mostul Cemetery, an Historic Clackamas River Indian Site, John A. Woodward
  • The Jesuit Reduction System Concept: Its Implications for Northwest Archaeology, Robert M. Weaver
  • Euroamerican Artifacts in the Oregon Territory, 1829–1860: A Comparative Survey, Harvey W. Steele
  • Haida Argillite Carvings at Fort Vancouver, Daniel Taylor Crandall
  • Transfer Printed Spodeware Imported by the Hudson's Bay Company: Temporal Markers for the Northwestern U. S., Lester A. Ross
  • A Model For Determining Time Lag of Ceramic Artifacts, William H. Adams and Linda P. Gaw
  • Silcott Harvest 1931: A Study of the Individual through Archaeology, Timothy B. Riordan
  • Aboriginal Artifacts on Non-Traditional Material: Six Specimens from Fort Ross, California, John R. White

Volume 12, No. 1

Spring 1978

  • Treaty Controversy and Conservation: Address Presented at Whitman College, 13 April 1976, Allen P. Slickpoo, Sr.
  • Cultural Ecology in the Canadian Plateau: Estimates of Shuswap Indian Salmon Resources in Pre-Contact Times, Gary Palmer
  • The Weis Rockshelter: A Problem in Southeastern Plateau Chronology, George N. Ruebelmann
  • Canoe Names in the Northwest, An Areal Study, Barry F. Carlson and Thom Hess
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, 1977
  • The Experimental Replication of Paleo-Indian Eyed Needles from Washington, J. Jeffrey Flenniken
  • A Rebuttal to Krantz' Step Three Approach to Sasquatch Identification, Jon E. Beckjord
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Gunflints, Robert Lee Sappington
  • Results of a Questionnaire on the Sasquatch, Ron Westrum

  • The Smithsonian Institution 1934 Bonneville Reservoir Salvage Archaeology Project, George Phebus
  • An Analysis of Kwakiutl Plant Terms, Dale R. Croes
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Pullman, 1978

Volume 12, No. 2

Fall 1978

Volume 13, No. 1

Spring 1979

  • Two Conical Timbered Lodges in Central Oregon, Michael R Polk
  • An Additional Note on Stone Piling in the Pacific Northwest, Jerry R. Galm and Glenn D. Hartmann
  • Settlement and Subsistence in the Willamette Valley: Some Additional Considerations, Jerry C. Towle
  • Faunal Analysis: An Outline of Method and Theory with Some Suggestions, R. Lee Lyman
  • The Nez Perce Flute, A. Loran Olsen
  • Moiety Birth, Jay Miller
  • An Analysis of a Tool Type: Peripherally Flaked Cobbles, Darek R. Valley
  • The Improbable Primate and Modern Myth, Richard Beeson

Volume 13, No. 2

Fall 1979

  • The Marmes Burial Casts, Gary S. Breschini
  • Oldest Human Remains from the Marmes Site, Grover S. Krantz
  • The Association Between Anthropogenic Prairies and Important Food Plants in Western Washington, Helen H. Norton
  • A Note on Archaeological Sites Mentioned by Lewis and Clark in the North Bonneville Area, Washington, Robert C. Dunnell
  • Trampling as an Agency in the Formation of Edge Damage: An Experiment in Lithic Technology, J. Jeffrey Flenniken and James C. Haggarty
  • The Stock of the European Sale Shop at Fort Vancouver, 1829–1860, Harvey W. Steele

Volume 14, No. 1

Spring 1980

  • Sahaptin Fish Classification, Eugene Hunn
  • Trade Bells of the Southern Plateau: Their Use and Occurrence Through Time, Claudine Weatherford
  • Survival: The Final Ethic?, Dallas Van Horn
  • Avian Faunal Remains from Archaeological Middens MakahTerritory, Washington, Edward Friedman
  • Inference from Bone Distributions in Prehistoric Sites in the Lower Granite Reservoir Area, Southeastern Washington, R. Lee Lyman

Volume 14, No. 2

Fall 1980

  • Pacifism—A Myth of the Plateau, Susan Kent
  • Obsidian Butcher Knives: The Formation of Edge Damage on Unmodified Blades, Donald Howes
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, 1979
  • The Ethnobotany of the Clallam Indians of Washington, Mark S. Fleisher
  • Settlement Patterns and Social Structure: A Prelude to Architectural and Archaeological Analysis of the Central Idaho Frontier, Terrence W. Epperson

VolUME 15, No. 1

Spring 1981

  • The Rock Art of Western Washington, Daniel Leen
  • On the Taxonomic Status of Sasquatch: An Anthropological Consensus, J. Richard Greenwell and James E. King
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 1980
  • The Ethnobotanical Imperative: A Consideration of Obligation, Implication, and Methodology, Helen H. Norton and Steven J. Gill

VolUme 15, No. 2

Fall 1981

  • Editorial: Changes in NARN
  • Stories Oregonians Tell About Coyotes—Folklore or Natural History, Roberta L. Hall and Alison T. Otis
  • Oregon Coast Prehistory: A Brief Review of Archaeological Investigations on the Oregon Coast, John A. Draper
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1981
  • Clay Tobacco Pipes from Spokane House and Fort Colvile, Michael A. Pfeiffer
  • Settlement and Subsistence in the Willamette Valley: A Reply to Towle, John R. White
  • Bibliography of Idaho Archaeology: 19771979, Max G. Pavesic, Mark G. Plew, and Roderick Sprague

Volume 16, No. 1

Spring 1982

  • "Celestials" in the Oregon Siskiyous: Diet, Dress, and Drug Use of the Chinese Miners in Jackson County, ca. 1860–1900, Jeffrey M. LaLande
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Burnaby, 1982
  • Red Light Ladies: A Perspective on the Frontier Community, Alexy Simmons

Volume 16, No. 2

Fall 1982

  • Franz Boas and the Bella Coola in Berlin, Douglas Cole
  • Prehistoric Settlement and Land Use in the Dry Columbia Basin, James C. Chatters
  • Tsimshian Moieties and Other Clarifications, Jay Miller
  • Horizontal Log Construction Corner Types, Margaret L. Glover
  • Archaeology for the Future: The Preservation of Archaeological Collections
    • Introduction, Kevin Erickson
    • Archaeological Preservation and the Future of Archaeology, Jeffrey E. Mauger
    • Curation Management: Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability, Leonard Williams
    • Archaeological Curation and the Law, Sheila A. Stump
    • Archaeological Collections and the Trash Bin Syndrome, Thomas H. Loy
    • The Preservation of Written and Printed Archaeological Records, Roderick Sprague
    • Photographic Preservation for the Archaeologist, J. Michael Short
    • Thoughts on the Collection, Conservation, and Curation of Faunal Remains, David R. Huelsbeck and Gary Wessen

  • Eskimo Recollections of Their Life Experiences, A. H. Leighton and D. C. Leighton

Volume 17,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1983

Volume 18, No. 1

Spring 1984

  • An Early Complex at the Mouth of the Columbia River, Rick Minor
  • Kalapuyan Subsistence: Reexamining the Willamette Falls Salmon Barrier, F. Ann McKinney
  • Buena Vista Stonewares: A Nineteenth Century Oregon Pottery, Daniel J. Scheans
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Boise, 1983
  • The Interaction of Kin, Class, Marriage, Property Ownership, and Residence with Respect to Resource Locations Among the Coast Salish of the Puget Lowland, Astrida R. Blukis Onat
  • A Model of Large Freshwater Clam Exploitation in the Prehistoric Southern Columbia Plateau Culture Area, R. Lee Lyman
  • Evaporated Milk: Its Archaeological Contexts, James T. Rock
  • The Use of the Electron Microscope for the Detection of Heat Treated Lithic Artifacts, John A. Draper and J. Jeffrey Flenniken

Volume 18, No. 2

Fall 1984

  • Annotated Bibliography of Overseas Chinese History and Archaeology, Dixie L. Ehrenreich, Priscilla Wegars, Jonathan Horn, and Karen E. Smith
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1984
  • Terrestrial Oriented Sites in a Marine Environment Along the Southern Oregon Coast, Richard E. Ross
  • A Check List of Columbia Basin Project Papers, Roderick Sprague

Volume 19, No. 1

Spring 1985

  • A Culture-Historical Sequence for the South Thompson River-Western Shuswap Lakes Region of British Columbia, Mike K. Rousseau and Thomas Richards
  • Paleo-Indians in Western Oregon: A Description of Two Fluted Projectile Points, Rick Minor
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1985
  • Shellfish Utilization Among the Puget Sound Salish, William R. Belcher
  • A Species Named From Footprints, Grover S. Krantz
  • Culturally Altered Trees: A Data Source, Russell Hicks

Volume 19, No. 2

Fall 1985

  • Fraser Lillooet Salmon Fishing, Steven Romanoff
  • Cultural Resource Management and Archaeological Research in the Interior Pacific Northwest: A Note to NARN Readers on the Translucency of Northwest Archaeology, R. Lee Lyman
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Opium and Opium-Smoking Paraphernalia, Priscilla Wegars
  • The Multifunctional Use of Shellfish Remains: From Garbage to Community Engineering, Astrida R. Blukis Onat
  • Bears and Bear Hunting in Prehistory: The Rock Art Record on the Yellowstone, Thomas H. Lewis

  • Anthropology and Education—Symposium
    • Ethnic Studies in the Academy: Where is the Discipline? A Position Paper, James C. Peterson
    • Curriculum Development and Tribally Controlled Community Colleges, Daniel L. Boxberger
    • Lessons From the Classroom in the Field: Veracruz, Mexico, Daniel K. Early
    • Anthropology for the Military: Teaching Anthropology to Military Personnel, Kathleen Young
    • Tell Me, I'll Forget; Show Me, I Might Remember; Involve Me, I'll Understand, Joyce Greiner and Richard E. Ross
    • Screaming on the Periphery: The Anthropologist and the Community College, Dennis C. Shaw
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, 1986
  • Northwest Anthropological Conference 1986 Student Paper
    • First—Ecology and Death in Mateel: The Meaning of Hoka Hey, Jentri Anders
    • Co-Second—A Statistical Analysis of Evidence for Social Ranking in Food Laws in the Code of Jewish Law, Doria Fingerhut Raetz
    • Co-Second—The Devil in Disguise: Fat and the Feminine in Modern North America, Heidi Hill

Volume 20, No. 1

Spring 1986

Volume 20, No. 2

Fall 1986

  • Editorial
  • Sedentism on the Columbia Plateau: A Matter of Degree Related to the Easy and Efficient Procurement of Resources, E. S. Lohse and D. Sammons-Lohse
  • The Bandon Burials—Symposium
    • The Bandon Case (35-CS-43C): Applying the Oregon Burial Law, Richard E. Ross
    • A Bandon Perspective on Site 35-CS-43C, Betty Linton-Vogel and Roberta L. Hall
    • Faunal Remains and Artifacts from Bandon, Oregon Site 35-CS-43C, Lee W. Lindsay, Jr. and Anthony R. Keith
    • Analysis of a Sea Mammal Canine Pendant, Mariana L. Mace
    • Skeletal Population at 35-CS-43C, May, 1986, Roberta L. Hall
  • Microdebitage Analysis in Activity Analysis, An Application, Elizabeth D. Vance
  • Native American Religious Use in the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Madonna L. Moss
  • Coast Salish Social Organization and Economic Redistribution, William R. Belcher
  • Flora Present at the Pierce, Idaho, Chinese Mining Site, 10-CW-436, Priscilla Wegars
  • Comments on the Distribution of the Folsom Points in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho, Mark G. Plew and Daniel S. Meatte
  • Cultural Resource Management and the Oregon Bibliographic File System, Leland Gilson