Volumes 51 and 52(1)

2017–Spring 2018

  • Engendering the Past: The Status of Gender and Feminist Approaches to Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest and Future Directions, by Tiffany J. Fulkerson

  • Chemical Sourcing of Obsidian Artifacts from the Grisson Site (45-KT-301) to Study Source Variability, by Anne B. Parfitt and Patrick T. McCutcheon

  • Exploratory Analysis and Significance Testing of the Nez Perce Settlement Patterns Model, by Lyle D. Nakonechny

  • Ancient Artifact or New Age Totem: Analysis of a Carved Sacrum from the Oregon Coast, by Dennis G. Griffin

  • Changes in Middle Holocene Shellfish Harvesting Practices: Evidence from Labouchere Bay (49-PET-476), Southeast Alaska, by Mark R. Williams

  • Editorial by Darby C. Stapp

  • The Kyzylsyr Middle Paleolithic (ProtoDyuktai) Culture of Northern Asia (150,000–35,000 Years Ago) by Yuri A. Mochanov and Svetlana A. Fedoseeva
    Introduction and Translation by by Richard Bland
    Commentary by Roy Carlson

  • Entering the American Continent: The Chehalis River Hypothesis by Dale R. Croes and Vic J. Kucera

  • Treaties, Coast Salish Literacy, and Thomas G. Bishop: A Republication of An Appeal to the Government to Fulfill Sacred Promises Made 61 Years Ago by Robert E. Walls

  • Owyhee Canyonlands and the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes by Ted Howard

  • Remembering David L. Cole (1928–2017): A Transitional Figure in Oregon Archaeology by Rick Minor and John L. Fagan

  • Metric Analysis of Chipped Cobble Net Weights on the Lower Spokane River (Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt) by Christopher M. Casserino

  • Journal of Northwest Anthropology List of Reviewers 2016–2017

  • 69th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Abstracts 24–26 March 2016

  • Erratum in Chemical Sourcing of Obsidian Artifacts from the Grissom Site (45-KT-301) to Study Source Variability

  • Editorial by Darby C. Stapp

  • The Social Importance of Volcanic Peaks for the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia by Rudy Reimer/Yumks

  • The Pacific Crabapple (Malus fusca) and Cowlitz Cultural Resurgence by Nathaniel D. Reynolds and Christine Dupres

  • Enduring Legacy: Geoarchaeological Evidence of Prehistoric Native American Activity in the Post-Industrial Landscape at Willamette Falls, Oregon by Rick Minor and Curt D. Peterson

  • A Multi-Authored Commentary on Carry Forth the Stories: An Ethnographer’s Journey into Native Oral Tradition with a Response from the Author, Rodney Frey by Darby C. Stapp, Deward E. Walker, Jr., Caj and Kim Matheson, Tina Wynecoop, Suzanne Crawford O’Brien, Aaron Denham, and Rodney Frey

  • A History of Anthropology at Reed College and the Warm Springs Project by Robert Moore, Robert Brightman, and Eugene Hunn

  • New Materials on the Ancient Bone-Carving Art of the Eskimos of Chukotka by Yu. A. Shirokov, Translated by Richard L. Bland

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