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Volume 41, No. 1

Spring 2007

  • The Killisnoo Picnicground Midden (49-SIT-124) Revisited: Assessing Archaeological Recovery of Vertebrate Faunal Remains from Northwest Coast Shell Middens, Madonna L. Moss

  • Mobiliary Carvings as a Key to Northwest Coast Rock Art, George Poetschat and James D. Keyser

  • Disease and Demography in the Plateau, Robert Boyd and Cecilia D. Gregory

  • Abstracts of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference 14–17 March 2007, Washington State University Pullman, Washington

Volume 41, No. 2

Fall 2007

  • An Introduction to Herbert W. Krieger’s Work on the Columbia River, Darby C. Stapp

  • Archeological Excavations in the Columbia River Valley,Herbert W. Krieger

  • Prehistoric Inhabitants of the Columbia River Valley, Herbert W. Krieger

  • A Prehistoric Pit House Village Site on the Columbia River at Wahluke, Grant County, Washington, Herbert W. Krieger

  • Salvaging Early Cultural Remains in the Valley of the Lower Columbia River, Herbert W. Krieger

  • Comparison of Two Village Tourism Development Models in Fenghuang County, China. First Prize Graduate Student Paper 60th Annual Meeting of the NWAC, Xianghong Feng

  • An Analysis of Mandibular Molar Occlusal Size Progression Patterns in Three Species of Australopithecines: First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper 60th Annual Meeting of the NWAC, Jamie M. Litzkow

Volume 42, No. 1

Spring 2008

  • Scantily Clad and Wearing Moccasins in Wet Weather”–Tuberculosis and Death in the Coeur d’Alene Tribe 1911 to 1937, Christina Heiner

  • Plateau Burial Studies Series, Editors

  • Spokan Burial Rituals and Associated Mortuary Belief, John Alan Ross

  • Coeur d’Alene Burials, Roderick Sprague

  • Microscopy Analysis in Identifying Cutting, Scraping, and Whittling Activities on Flake Tools from the QWu?gWƏs (45-TN-240) Site near Olympic, Germán Löffler

  • Charles Quintasket: Master of Languages, Brother of Mourning Dove, Jay Miller

  • Mourning Dove’s Other Women—Lizzie Runnels and Geraldine Coffin Guie,Jay Miller

  • Towards the Identification of Lampreys (Lampetra spp.) in Archaeological Contexts, Ross E. Smith Virginia L. Butler

  • Spirituality: Spirit Piracy and Native Sweat Lodges: First Place Co-Winner, Student Graduate Prize Paper Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2008, Line Laplante

  • The Power of a “Hot” Haircut: Consumers and Hair Salons in Victoria, B .C.: First Place Co-Winner, Graduate Student Prize Paper Northwest Anthropological Conference, 23–26 April 2008, Angélique Lalonde

  • Walí·mliyas: The Nez Perce National Historical Park Dugout Canoe Collection and Dugout Canoe Use Among the Nez Perce Indians, Bob Chenoweth

  • Abstracts of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference,Victoria, British Columbia, 23–26 April 2008

Volume 42, No. 2

Fall 2008

Volume 43, No. 1

Spring 2009

  • Editorial, Darby C. Stapp

  • “The Indians Themselves are Greatly Enthused”: The Wheeler-Howard Act and the (Re)-Organization of Klallam Space, Colleen E. Boyd

  • Archaic Hunter-Gatherer Diet Breadth and Prey Choice on the Snake River Plain, Mark G. Plew

  • Priest Rapids: Places, People, and Names, Bruce Rigsby and Michael Finley

  • The Evolution of Oregon’s Cultural Resource Laws and Regulations, Dennis Griffin

  • Geochemical Analysis of Obsidian from the DeMoss Site, Western Idaho: Implications of Western Idaho Archaic Burial Complex, Richard E. Hughes and Max G. Pavesic

Volume 43, No. 2

Fall 2009

  • Balanophagy in the Pacific Northwest: The Acorn-Leaching Pits at the Sunken Village Wetsite and Comparative Ethnographic Acorn Use, Bethany Mathews

  • A Window on the Past: Pane Glass at the Beatty Cave Archaeological Site, South-Central Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly, Mark E. Swisher, Christopher L. Ruiz, and Elizabeth A. Kallenbach

  • Backing into Disaster: Lessons in Cultural Resource Management from the “Graving Dock” at Port Angeles, Washington, Thomas F. King

  • Tylor’s Forgotten Legacy, Elwyn C. Lapoint

  • Synopsis, Synthesis, Skimping, and Scholarship: A Case Example from Chehalis in the “Other” Washington, Jay Miller

  • A Jesuit View of Indian Affairs in Nineteenth-Century Western North America: A Translated Letter from Fr. Etienne de Rouge, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Newport, Oregon 9–11, April 2009

Volume 44, No. 1

Spring 2010

  • Cascade Projectile Point Technology, Terry L. Ozbun and John L. Fagan

  • [Student paper winner] Displacement in Colombia: Identity Formation, Juan Esteban Zea

  • An Estimate of Aboriginal Nez Perce Village Size and Other Population Patterns Based on Ethnohistoric and Ethnographic Data, Deward E. Walker, Jr., Frank C. Leonhardy, and Mary Jane Walker

  • Jesus Visits Sweatlodge: Corpus Christi among the Interior Salish on the Colville Reservation of Washington, Jay Miller

  • Traditional Fishing Practices among the Northern Shoshone, Northern Paiute, and Bannock of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation: A Progress Report, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Nashat, Columbia River Prophet of the Waskliki/Feather Religion, Ann Fulton

  • Abstracts of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, Washington 25–27 March 2010

Volume 44, No. 2

Fall 2010

  • The Hoh Tribe in 1949: Richard “Doc” Daugherty’s Ethnographic Notebooks, Jay Miller, editor

  • New Insights into Lithic Tool Use from Protein Residue Analysis at Nine Prehistoric Sites in the Clearwater River Region, North Central Idaho, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Reassessing Bone and Antler Barbed Point Classification and Function in the Gulf of Georgia, Northwest Coast, Adam N. Rorabaugh

  • Startup: Richard “Doc” Daugherty’s 1947 Archaeological Survey of the Washington Coast, Jay Miller

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  • The Geography of Place and Landscape Formation, High Bar, Hells Canyon, Idaho, Morris L. Uebelacker

  • [Student paper winner] Foodways at Fort Yamhill, 1856–1866: An Archaeological and Archival Perspective, Justin E. Eichelberger

  • The Social Significance of the Watson Store to the Community of Spalding, Idaho, Sarah Heffner

  • First Nations Forts, Refuges, and War Lord Champions Around the Salish Sea, Jay Miller

  • Indigenous Digital Media and the History of the Internet on the Columbia Plateau, Adam Fish

  • The Boldt Decision: A Roundtable Discussion, Vine Deloria, Jr., Billy Frank, Vernon Lane, Dick Poole, Al Ziontz

  • The Daugherty 1947 Washington Coast Site List, Gary C. Wessen

  • On The Road Again or Red Light, Green Light: Transportation-Related Cultural Resources Management in Washington and Oregon, Scott Williams and Carolyn McAleer, editors

    • Introduction, Scott Williams and Carolyn McAleer, editors

    • Archaeology of the Malheur River Corridor, East Central Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly and Dennis L. Jenkins

    • A Good Place to Camp is a Good Place to Camp: Nine Thousand Years at the Williams Creek Site on the North Umpqua River, Brian O'Neill and Debra Barner

    • Early to Late Holocene Occupation at the Gee Creek Archaeological Sites in the Uplands of the Portland Basin, Michele L. Punke, Terry L. Ozbun, and Jo Reese

    • Tracking the Kerry Line: Evidence from a Logging Railroad Camp in the Nehalem Valley, Oregon, Thomas J. Connolly, Richard L. Bland, and Ward Tonsfeldt

    • Waiting for the End of the World: A Prototype Fallout Shelter Under I-5 in North Seattle, Craig Holstine

    • You Say Design/Build, I Say Oh No! Odot’s U.S. 20: Pioneer Mountain―Eddyville Project, Kurt Roede

    • Urban Archaeology, Good Faith Efforts, and the $12,000 Shovel Test Pit: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Deep Testing Methods for WSDOT Mega Projects, Kevin M. Bartoy

    • The Inadequacy of ¼ Inch Mesh Screen in Archaeology, Terry L. Ozbun

  • The Hudson’s Bay Company 1839 Fort Vancouver Censuses of Indian Population, Daniel L. Boxberger

  • Umpqua/Eden Revisited: Notes on the Archaeology and Ethnohistory of a Lower Umpqua Indian Village on the Central Oregon Coast, Rick Minor, Don Whereat, and Ruth L. Greenspan

  • Lamprey “Eels” in the Greater Northwest: A Survey of Tribal Sources, Experiences, and Sciences, Jay Miller

  • Russian and Foreign Medical Personnel in Alaska (1784–1867), Andrei V. Grinëv

  • [Student paper winner] Debating the Complexity of Clovis: Insights into the Complexity Paradigm, Justin Patrick Williams

  • Roderick Sprague (19332012), Editors

  • Cultural Continuity in the Kitchen Cupboard: A Personal Reflection, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

  • Bernard Fillip Jacobsen and Three Nuxalk Legends, Richard L. Bland

  • Skookumchuck Shuffle: Shifting Athapaskan Swaals into Oregon Klatskanis before Taitnapam Sahaptins Cross the Cascades,Jay Miller

  • [Student paper winner] When a Haama Loves an ‘Aayat: Courtship and Marriage among the Modern Day Niimíipuu as a Form of Indigenous Resistance, Tracy E. Schwartz

  • A Critique of Legal Protection for Human Remains in Idaho with Suggestions for Improvement of Current Legislation, Jenna M. Battillo

  • Written Testimony Provided to Oversight Hearing on the Impacts of Unmanaged Off-Road Vehicles on Federal Land, Ted Howard

  • Understanding Place: Tourism, Migration and Social Organization in North Central Washington, Julie Tate-Libby

  • The Development of Lithic Extraction Areas in the Okanogan Highlands during the Late Holocene: Evidence from Curlew Lake, Washington, Christopher D. Noll

  • A History of Underwater Archaeological Research in Oregon, Dennis Griffin

  • Great Basin Obsidian at The Dalles: Implications for the Emergence of Elites in the Southwestern Plateau, Rick Minor

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Reconstructing Historical Run Timing and Spawning Distribution of Eulachon through Tribal Oral History, Nathaniel D. Reynolds and Marc D. Romano

  • A Multidisciplinary Perspective on the 2011 Ethnography ‘The Spokan Indians’, with a Response from the Author, John Alan Ross, Darby C. Stapp, Jack Nisbet, Tina Wynecoop, Dennis D. Dauble, Jay Miller, Deward E. Walker, Jr., and John Alan Ross

  • The 64th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, Idaho, 21–23 April 2011

  • Journal of Northwest Anthropology Publication Style Guide

  • Exploring Ancient Wood and Fiber Technologies along the Northwest Coast of North America, Dale R. Croes and Kathleen Hawes

  • Ground-Penetrating Radar Studies at the HAMMER Test Bed Facility, Richland, Washington, Lawrence B. Conyers

  • An Experimental Archaeological Study of the Effects of Off-Road Vehicles on Lithic Scatters, Carolyn R. Temple and Robert Lee Sappington

  • Digging for Wealth, Archaeological and Historical Analysis of an Early Twentieth Century Ore Processing Mill Site in Shoshone County, Idaho, Ashley M. Morton and Robert Lee Sappington

  • [Graduate student paper winner] Adapt and Adopt: Apsáalooke (Crow) Beadwork and Regalia from the Nineteenth Century to Today, Kiley E. Molinari

  • [Undergraduate student paper winner] An Exploration of Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching among Bilingual Spanish-English Speakers in the Inland Northwest, Grace F. Cooper

  • Using our Field Experiences to Build Theories of Applied Social Change—Why Do We Not Do More?, Kevin Preister

  • The Distribution and Meaning of Labrets on the Salish Sea, Kate Shantry

  • The Western Stemmed Point Tradition on the Columbia Plateau, E.S. Lohse and Coral Moser

  • A Glimpse at the Beginning of Language Studies on the Northwest Coast: Johann Christoph Adelung’s Mithridates oder Allgemeine Sprachenkunde, Richard L. Bland

  • The Franz Boas Papers: Documentary Edition, Joshua Smith, Regna Darnel Robert L.A. Hancock, and Sarah Moritz

  • The 65th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Pendleton, Oregon, 27–30 March 2012

  • Modeling Precontact Land-Use in The Dalles: Site Types, Assemblage Structure, and Data Adequacy, Paul S. Solimano and Daniel M. Gilmour

  • Stone Rings in the Umatilla National Forest, Southeastern Washington, R. Lee Lyman, Matthew T. Boulanger, and Dave N. Schmitt

  • Insights on Adaptive Capacity: Three Indigenous Pacific Northwest Historical Narratives, Benedict J. Colombi and Courtland L. Smith

  • [Graduate student paper winner] At the Intersection of Orphaned Collections and Civic Engagement, Kali D.V. Oliver

  • Public Archaeology in the West: A Case Study from Boise, Idaho, Mark Warner, Tracy Schwartz, Stacey Camp, Jessica Goodwin, Amanda Bielmann, and Tim Mace

  • Experiences in the University of Washington Anthropology Department,1955–1991, Simon Ottenberg

  • The Undervalued Black Katy Chitons (Katharina Tunicata) as a Shellfish Resource on the Northwest Coast of North America, Dale R. Croes

  • Incised Stones from Idaho, Jan Snedden Kee and Mark G. Plew

  • A Partial Stratigraphy of the Snakelum Point Site, 45-IS-13, Island County, Washington, and Comment on the Sampling of Shell Midden Sites Using Small Excavation Units, Lance K. Wollwage, Guy L. Tasa, and Stephenie Kramer

  • Big Dog/Little Horse—Ethnohistorical and Linguistic Evidence for the Changing Role of Dogs on the Middle and Lower Columbia in the Nineteenth Century, Cheryl A. Mack

  • Smallpox, Aleuts, and Kayaks: A Translation of Eduard Blashke’s Article on his Trip through the Aleutian Islands in 1838, Richard L. Bland

  • The 66th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, Oregon, 27–30 March 2013

  • Making the List: Mount St. Helens as a Traditional Cultural Property, a Case Study in Tribal/Government Cooperation, Richard H. McClure and Nathaniel D. Reynolds

  • Metal and Prestige in the Greater Lower Columbia River Region, Northwestern North America, H. Kory Cooper, Kenneth M. Ames, Loren G. Davis

  • Archaeological Feature Preservation in Active Fluvial Environments: An Experimental Case Study from the Snoqualmie River, King County, Washington State, J. Tait Elder, Patrick Reed, Alexander E. Stevenson, and M. Shane Sparks

  • Seals and Sea Lions in the Columbia River: An Evaluation and Summary of Research, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • The 67th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Abstracts

  • Journal of Northwest Anthropology List of Reviewers, 2012–2015

  • Tales from the River Bank: An In Situ Stone Bowl Found along the Shores of the Salish Sea on the Southern Northwest Coast of British Columbia, Rudy Reimer, Pierre Freile, Kenneth Fath, and John Clague

  • Localized Rituals and Individual Spirit Powers: Discerning Regional Autonomy through Religious Practices in the Coast Salish Past, Bill Angelbeck

  • Assessing the Nutritional Value of Freshwater Mussels on the Western Snake River, Jeremy W. Johnson and Mark G. Plew

  • Snoqualmie Falls: The First Traditional Cultural Property in Washington State Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Jay Miller with Kenneth Tollefson

  • The Archaeology of Obsidian Occurrence in Stone Tool Manufacture and Use along Two Reaches of the Northern Mid-Columbia River, Washington, Sonja C. Kassa and Patrick T. McCutcheon

  • The Right Tool for the Job: Screen Size and Sample Size in Site Detection, Bradley Bowden

  • Alphonse Louis Pinart among the Natives of Alaska, Richard L. Bland

  • Aboriginal Economy and Polity of the Lakes (Senijextee) Indians, Verne F. Ray, with endnote by Madilane Perry

  • Berkeley Rockshelter LIthics: Understanding the Late Holocene Use of the Mount Rainier Area, Bradford W. Andrews, Kipp O. Godfrey, and Greg C. Burtchard

  • Eagle Gorge Terrace (45-KI-1083) an Upland Hunting Camp and Its Place in the Economic Lives of the Precontact Puget Salish, James C. Chatters and Jason B. Cooper

  • Chemical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Materials Recovered from a Historical Dump in Nampa, Idaho, Ray von Wandruszka, David Valentine, Mark Warner, Vaughn Kimball, Tara Summer, Alicia Fink, and Sidney Hunter

  • Skeletal Evidence of Pre-contact Conflict Among Native Groups in the Columbia Plateau of the Pacific Northwest, Ryan P. Harrod and Donald E. Tyler

  • [Student Paper 1st Prize Winner] The Holocene Eploitation and Occurrence of Artiodactyls in the Clearwater and Lower Snake River Regions of Idaho, Jenifer C. Chadez

  • Abstracts of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, Oregon, 26–28 March 2015