Volumes 21 through 30


Volume 21,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1987

Special Issue: A reprint of the entire Davidson Journal of Anthropology, 1955, 1956, and 1957

Foreword to Reprint of Davidson Journal of Anthropology, Frederick S. Hulse

  • Volume 1, Number 1

    • Foreword, Frederick S. Hulse

    • The Principles of Clanship in Human Society, Paul Kirchhoff

    • Excavations at Meyer Caves in Central Washington, Alan Bryan

    • Spanish Documentary Material Pertaining to the Northwest Coast Indians, Mary Gormly

    • The Chilkat Weaving Complex, Joanne Hirabayashi

    • An Experimental Method of Chipped Stone Point Classification, B. Robert Butler

    • Toward A Psycho-Cultural Interpretation of Latah, Fred Adelman

    • Reindeer Breeding: Types and Origins, Chester S. Chard

  • Volume 1, Number 2

    • North American Social Organization, George Peter Murdock

    • Blackfeet Soumak Necklaces, Richard Conn

    • Nez Perce Horse Castration—A Problem in Diffusion, Douglas Osborne

    • Terrace Agriculture in the Central Andes, Earl H. Swanson, Jr.

    • The Story of Skalaxt, A Lummi Training Myth, Carrol L. Riley

    • An Archaeological Survey of the Columbia Basin Project in Grant County, Washington, Warren T. Lee

    • Making a Bird or Chief's Rattle, Viola E. Garfield

    • Making a Box Design, Viola E. Garfield

    • Radical Opposition in National Culture: A Case Study, John J. Honigmann

  • Volume 2, Number 1

    • Social Mobility and Surname: Two Comparisons, William C. Sayres

    • Archaeological Survey of Mt. Sheep and Pleasant Valley Reservoirs, George L. Coale

    • Archaeological Backgrounds of Pacific Culture, Douglas Osborne

    • The Potlatch and Social Equilibrium, Rosemary A. Allen

    • Shoshoni Ware from Idaho, Donald R. Tuohy

    • Seri Ethnozoology: A Preliminary Report, Borys Malkin

  • Volume 2, Number 2

    • Coping with the Universe, John J. Honigmann

    • Introduction to a Comparative and Entymological Dictionary of the Mongolian Language and Dialects, Udo Posch

    • The Origin and Development of High Culture, Joseph Haekel

    • The Social Disorganization of the Haida as Reflected inTheir Slate Carving, Erna Gunther

    • Perception and Acculturation, Michael J. Goldstein

    • Sumi Ethnozoology: Herpetological Knowledge, Borys Malkin

  • Volume 3, Number 1

    • Results and Interpretations of Recent Archaeological Research in Western Washington with Circum-Boreal Implications, Alan L. Bryan

    • Reaction to Stress: A Comparative Study of Nativism, Michael M. Ames

    • Mr. Gladwin and the Athapascans: A Review, Malcolm F. Farmer

    • The Salmon Weir on Green River in Western Washington, Arthur C. Ballard

    • The Dart-Thrower in Baja California, William C. Massey

  • Volume 3, Number 2

    • Non-ceramic Culture in Japan, Fumiko Ikawa

    • The Anthropologist and Population Genetics: A Discussion of Ethnographic Method, Richard H. Osborne

    • The Genetic Model and Uto-Aztecan Time Perspective, A. Kimball Romney

    • Petroglyphs from the Orinoco Area of Venezuela, Carrol L. Riley

    • Pacific Coast Clay Figurines: A Contraview, Warren W. Caldwell

    • Applied Anthropology: A Selected Bibliography, Arlene J. Fonaroff

VolUME 22, No. 1

Spring 1988

  • Peyotism in Idaho, Omer C. Stewart

  • Folsom Points in Oregon: A Reply to Plew and Meatte, Rick Minor

  • Bibliography of Missionary Activities and Religious Change in Northwest Coast Societies, John Barker

  • Cultural Resource Management in Alaska: A Current Perspective, Dennis Griffin

  • Oregon Coast Archaeology: A Critical History and a Model, R. Lee Lyman and Richard E. Ross

  • Excavation of a Brickwork Feature at a Nineteenth-Century Chinese Shrimp Camp on San Francisco Bay, Peter D. Schulz

VolUme 22, No. 2

Fall 1988

  • Diet 123: A Computerized Dietary Analysis Program Using Lotus 123TM, Nicolette I. Teufel and George J. Teufel

  • The Cultural Ecology of Hunting and Potlatches Among the Lillooet Indians, Steven Romanoff

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Gleneden Beach, 1987

  • Jargonization Before Chinook Jargon, William J. Samarin

  • Improbable Species, Deceit, and Social Control in the Context of Behavioral Ecology, Richard Beeson

  • Protecting American Indian Sacred Geography, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition Among the Nez Perce Indians: The First Ethnographic Study in the Columbia Plateau, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Loss, Transfer, and Reintroduction in the Use of Wild Plant Foods in the Upper Skagit Valley, Robert J. Theodoratus

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Tacoma, 1988

  • Religious Transformation Among the Snoqualmie Shakers, Kenneth D. Tollefson

  • Floral Remains from the Pierce Chinese Mining Site, 10-CW-436, Priscilla Wegars

  • The Art and Iconology of the Dance in the Petroglyphs of the Northern Plains, Thomas H. Lewis

Volume 23, No. 1

Spring 1989

Volume 23, No. 2

Fall 1989

  • An Overview of Northwest Coast Mythology, Jay Miller

  • The 1983 Nez Perce General Council Archaeological Panel, James Lawyer

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1989

  • The North West Company Fort at Tongue Point, Oregon, Ronald C. Corbyn

  • Aboriginal Coast Salish Food Resources: A Compilation of Sources, Judith Krieger

Volume 24, No. 1

Spring 1990

  • An Inventory of Goods and Resources Marketed by Native Groups, Fort Nisqually, 1833–1849, Helen H. Norton

  • Agricultural Innovation and The Rejector, Sylvester L. Lahren, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, 1990

  • Marine Shell Utilization in the Plateau Culture Area, Kevin Erickson

Volume 24, No. 2

Fall 1990

  • Perspectives on Coast Salish Subsistence—A Symposium, Organizer—N. Alexander Easton

  • Central Coast Salish Subsistence, Wayne Suttles

  • Seasonality of the Little Qualicum River West Site, Kathryn Bernick and Rebecca J. Wigen

  • The Archaeology of Straits Salish Reef Netting: Past and Future Research Strategies, N. Alexander Easton

  • Native Gulf of Georgia Subsistence and European Contact: Can We Detect Culture Change in Shells and Bones, Pamela J. Ford

  • Prehistoric Subsistence at the Pender Canal Sites and the Surrounding Area, Diane K. Hanson

  • Lithic Technology, Subsistence, and Settlement at Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, Kim Kornbacher

  • Coast Salish Subsistence Studies and a Methodological Barrier, Donald H. Mitchell

Volume 25, No. 1

Spring 1991

  • Life Beyond Inventory: Cultural Resource Site Protection on National Forest Lands in Oregon, Carl M. Davis, Thomas V. Russell, Jill A. Osborn, and Dennis K. Shrader

  • Fishing and the Wind River Shoshone Indians, Omer C. Stewart

  • Some Southern Plateau Tribal Tales Recounting the Death Journey Vision, Donald M. Hines

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 44th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Missoula, 1991

  • A Bibliography of James A. Teit, Roderick Sprague

  • Site Location Analysis in the Central Oregon Cascade Range, Sandra L. Snyder

Volume 25, No. 2

Fall 1991

  • On the Indian Tribes Inhabiting the North-West Coast of America, John Scouler

  • Alexander W. Chase and the Nineteenth-Century Archaeology and Ethnography of the Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast, R. Lee Lyman

    • Introduction, R. Lee Lyman

    • Siletz, or "Lo" Reconstructed [1869], Alexander W. Chase

    • Indian Mounds and Relics on the Coast of Oregon [1873a], Alexander W. Chase

    • Shell Mounds of Lat. 42° 02', 42° 05', & 42° 15', Coast of Oregon; Description of Stone and Other Implements Found in Them, with Some Notes on Existing Tribes of That Section of the Coast [1873d], Alexander W. Chase

    • Chase's Correspondence Subsequent to the Coast Survey [1880-82], Alexander W. Chase

    • Conclusions: Chase and Context, R. Lee Lyman

Volume 26, No. 1

Spring 1992

  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Contents by Title and Author, First 25 Years (19671991)

  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Style Sheet

  • Historical Period Plateau Culture Tree Peeling in the Western Cascades of Oregon, Eric O. Bergland

  • Idaho Archaeological Conferences (19731991), Daniel Meatte and Roderick Sprague

  • A History of Cultural Resources Management at the U. S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site, Washington, James C. Chatters

  • Small Painted Stones from Salish Territory, Beth Hill

  • Indians of Oregon, etc., George Mengarini

  • Aboriginal Curation and Lithic Mythology, R. Wayne Thompson

Volume 26, No. 2

Fall 1992

  • A Scrutiny of "A Scrutiny of the Abstract" and Editorial, Kenneth K. Landes and Roderick Sprague

  • Productivity of Tribal Dipnet Fishermen at Celilo Falls: Analysis of the Joe Pinkham Fish Buying Records, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 45th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Burnaby, 1992

  • What is that Black Stuff?: Identification of Black Argillite in the Northern Columbia Plateau, Madilane Perry

  • The Ellen Saluskin (hápteliks sáwyalilx) Narratives 1992; Traditional Religious Beliefs and Practices, Virginia R. Beavert Martin and Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Nutritional Analysis of Camas (Camassia quamash) from Southern Idaho, Mark G. Plew

Volume 27, No. 1

Spring 1993

  • Asian American Bibliography, Priscilla Wegars

  • Editorial

  • The Shoshone-Bannock: An Anthropological Reassessment, Deward E. Walker, Jr.

  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 46th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 1993

  • Lemhi Shoshone-Bannock Reliance on Anadromous and Other Fish Resources,Deward E. Walker, Jr.

Volume 27, No. 2

Fall 1993

Volume 28, No. 1

Spring 1994

  • Defining a Nez Perce Feminine Dress Style, Kathleen Kearney and Janet Miller

  • Volcanic Lithic Classification in the Pacific Northwest: Petrographic and Geochemical Analyses of Northwest Chipped Stone Artifacts, Edward F. Bakewell and Anthony J. Irving

  • Abstracts from 47th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 1994

  • Patterns of Exogamy among Southern Coast Salish, Helen H. Norton

  • Winning Paper, 47th NWAC: Color and Emotion Synesthesia Observed in U. S. Japanese Students, Kiersten Linnee Marsh

Volume 28, No. 2

Fall 1994

  • On the Pow Wow Circuit in the Interior Northwest, Kathleen A. Dahl

  • The Southeastern Idaho Prehistoric Sequence, Ernest S. Lohse

  • Towards an Early Social History of Chinook Jargon, Christopher F. Roth

  • Notes on Indian Houses of the Wappato Valley, Yvonne Hajda

  • Changes in subsistence Strategies at the Tsawwassen Site, a Southwestern British Columbia Shell Midden, Karla D. Kusmer

  • A Bibliography of Plateau Ethnobotany, Debra Welch and Michael Striker

Volume 29, No. 1

Spring 1995

  • Alice Cunningham Fletcher's "Ethnologic Gleanings Among The Nez Perces," Robert Lee Sappington and Caroline D. Carley

  • "You Toad-Sucking Fool": An Inquiry into the Possible Use of Bufotenine by Northern Northwest Coast Shamans, William Saxe Wihr

  • Abstracts from 48th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Portland, 1995

  • Duwamish Tribal Identity and Cultural Survival, Kenneth D. Tollefson

Volume 29, No. 2

Fall 1995

  • A Bibliography of Frank C. Leonhardy, Madilane A. Perry

  • Geoarchaeological Analysis of a Site in the Cascadia Subduction Zone on the Southern Oregon Coast, Roberta Hall and Stefan C. Radosevich

  • Zooarchaeology of the Moses Coulee Cave (45-DO-331) Spoils Pile, R. Lee Lyman

  • Alice Cunningham Fletcher’s “The Nez Perce Country,” Robert Lee Sappington, Caroline D. Carley, Kenneth C. Reid, and James G. Gallison

  • Chronology and Subsistence Change at the Oceanside Site (35-TI-47), Tillamook County, Oregon, Jon M. Erlandson and Madonna L. Moss

  • An Overview of Cultural Resources in the Snake River Basin: Prehistory and Paleoenvironments

  • Introduction, Kenneth C Reid, editor

  • Lower Snake River Basin, Kenneth C. Reid and James C Gallison

  • Powder River Basin, Manfred E. W. Jaehnig

  • Clearwater River Region, Robert Lee Sappington

  • Final Comments, Kenneth C. Reid

Volume 30,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1996