Volumes 31 through 40


Volume 31,
Nos. 1 & 2

Spring/Fall 1997

  • No Bones About It: The Effects of Cooking and Human Digestion on Salmon Bones, Christopher Jordan
  • Impediments to Archaeology: Publishing and the (Growing) Translucency of Archaeological Research, R. Lee Lyman
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 49th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, 1996
  • The Yakama System of Trade and Exchange, Deward E. Walker, Jr.
  • Tribes of Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon, George Gibbs
  • The Lolo Trail: An Annotated Bibliography, Donna Turnipseed & Norman Turnipseed

Volume 32, No. 1

Spring 1998

  • Bighorn Sheep Procurement: Examples from the Middle Columbia and Lower Hell's Canyon Regions, Washington, Gordon A. Lothson
  • Report of Brevet Major Benjamin Alvord Concerning the Indians in the Territories of Oregon and Washington, Benjamin Alvord
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 50th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Ellensburg, 1997
  • The Sumas Figure and its Possible Prehistoric Origin, Robert E. Greengo

Volume 32, No. 2

Fall 1998

  • The Ethnohistory and Archaeology of Shellfish Utilization in Puget Sound, William R. Belcher
  • The Affects of a Dominant Hegemony on the Ethnogenesis of Contemporary American Indian Identity—Prize Winning Graduate Student Paper 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Sharon K. Moses
  • A Predictive Model for Locating Vaccinium-Huckleberry Processing Sites in the Northern Cascades of Washington—Prize Winning Undergraduate Student Paper 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Anna B. Lookabill
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 51st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Missoula, 1998
  • Implementing the Multicultural Curriculum, Deward E. Walker, Jr. and Peter N. Jones
  • Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Publication Style Guide

  • Chehalis Area Traditions, Jay Miller
  • Whatever Happened to Thelma Adamson? A Footnote in the History of Northwest Anthropological Research, William R. Seaburg
  • Native Legends of Oregon and Washington Collected by Franz Boas, Ann G. Simonds and Richard L. Bland
  • Suquamish Traditions, Jay Miller

Volume 33, No. 1

Spring 1999

Volume 33, No. 2

Fall 1999

  • Feminist Approaches to Pacific Northwest Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick, editor
    • Introduction: Feminist Approaches to Pacific Northwest Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick
    • A Working Woman Needs a Good Toolkit, Sylvia Albright
    • The Cutting Edge: A New Look at Microcore Technology, Sheila Greaves
    • Feminist Methodologies in Archaeology: Implications for the Northern Northwest Coast, Sandra Zacharias
    • The Search for Gender in Early Northwest Coast Prehistory, Heather Pratt
    • A Post-Androcentric View of Fraser Delta Archaeology, Kathryn Bernick
    • Engendering Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest, Madonna L. Moss

VolUme 34, No. 1

Spring 2000

  • Radiocarbon Dating in Eastern Washington and in Western Washington, R. Lee Lyman
  • Religious Background of Salish Aesthetics, Helmi Juvenon
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 52nd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Newport, Oregon, 1999
  • A Summer Trip Among the Western Indians, Stewart Culin

Volume 34, No. 2

Fall 2000

  • Cultural Resource Survey Investigations in Kittitas County, Washington: Problems Relating to the Use of a County-Wide Predictive Model and Site Significance Issues, Dennis Griffin and Thomas E. Churchill
  • A List of Washington State Radiocarbon Dates, R. Lee Lyman
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 53rd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, 2000
  • Prize Winning Graduate Student Paper, 35th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference: Japanese Language Schools In Nepal, Sakiko Kurosaka

Volume 35, No. 1

Spring 2001

  • Herring Use in Southern Puget Sound: Analysis of Fish Remains at 45-KI-437, Robert E. Kopperl
  • Implications of an Experimental Freshwater Shrimp Harvest, Mark G. Plew and Jay Weaver
  • Peeled Lodgepole Pine: A Disappearing Cultural Resource and Archaeological Record, Carolynne Merrell and James T. Clark
  • Heat Capacity and Fragmentation Pattern Determinations of Potential Cooking Stones: A Case Study at the Qwu?gwes Archaeological Site (45-TN-240), Olympia, Washington, James M. Strong and Dale R. Croes
  • Letters from the Field: Alice Cunningham Fletcher in Nez Perce Country, 1889–1892—Part 1: Commissioner 1889–1890, Caroline D. Carley

Volume 35, No. 2

Fall 2001

  • Letters from the Field: Alice Cunningham Fletcher in Nez Perce Country, 1889–1892—Part 2: Commissioner 1891–1892, and Putnam 1889–1892, Caroline D. Carley
  • Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates and Culture Change: Implications of Socio-Complexity in the Mid-Fraser Region, British Columbia: 1st Prize Student Paper 2001 NWACMichael Lenert
  • Lower Salmon River Cultural Chronology: A Revisited and Expanded Model: One of two 2nd Prize Student Papers 2001 NWAC, Loren G. Davis
  • Artificial Cranial Deformation in the Koniag: Its Effects on Population Comparisons: One of two 2nd Prize Student Papers 2001 NWAC, Jamelon Emmick

Volume 36, No. 1

Spring 2002

NARN changed to JONA

  • Editorial
  • American Indian Sacred Sites and the National Historic Preservation Act: The Enola Hill Case, Frank D. Occhipinti
  • Cultural Resource Management-Driven Spatial Samples in Archaeology: An Example from Eastern Washington, R. Lee Lyman
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 54th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, Idaho, 29–31 March 2001
  • Deaths and Betrayals: Anthropology at the University of Washington, Jay Miller
  • A Radiocarbon Chronology for the Bullards Beach Site (35-CS-2/3) A Lower Coquille Village in Coos County, Southern Oregon Coast, Jon M. Erlandson, Robert J. Losey, Madonna L. Moss, and Mark A. Tveskov

Volume 36, No. 2

Fall 2002

  • Resource Cultivation in the Northwest Coast of North America, Astrida R. Blukis Onat
  • Simon: A Snohomish Slave at Fort Nisqually and Puyallup, Jay Miller
  • Evidence for a Prehistoric Whaling Tradition Among the Haida, Steven Acheson and Rebecca J. Wigen
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 55th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference Boise, Idaho, 10–13 April 2002
  • Studying the Meaning of Time: 1st Prize Student Paper, 55th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2002, Judy Banks
  • Subsistence Pursuit, Living Structures, and the Evolution of Hunter–Gatherer Socioeconomic Systems at the Keatley Creek Site: 2nd Prize Student Paper, 55th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2002, Nathan B. Goodale
  • Chinese Restaurant Ware and its Importance to Asian-American Archaeology, Amber Creighton

Volume 37, No. 1

Spring 2003

  • Old World Infectious Diseases in the Plateau During the Protohistoric: Rethinking Our Understanding of “Contact” in the Plateau, Peter N. Jones
  • Cultural Resource Management in the Pacific Northwest: Working within the Process, Dennis Griffin and Thomas E. Churchill
  • Permitting Archaeology in Washington State: A Review of the First 25 Years, Stephenie Kramer
  • A Buried Promise: The Palus Jefferson Peace Medal, Cheryl Gunselman and Roderick Sprague
  • Archaeological Evidence of Mountain Beaver Mandibles as Chisels and Engravers on the Northwest Coast, R. Lee Lyman and Jamey Zehr
  • Journal Of Northwest Anthropology Publication Style Guide

  • Medicine Crossing: Representing Native American Lived Experience, Benedict J. Colombi
  • Evidence for Thermal Preconditioning in Patinated Basaltic Chipped Stone Artifacts, Edward F. Bakewell
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 56th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, 19–22 March 2003
  • Barnacles: Fed Up with Being Unappreciated; First Prize Student Paper 56th Northwest Anthropological Conference, Keturah Huber and Jade Sommer
  • Northern Exposure: A Site for Hegemonic Struggle? Second Prize Student Paper 56th Northwest Anthropological Conference, Jennifer C. Gatzke
  • Sea-Level History and the Archaeology of the Northern Oregon Coast: A Case Study from Netarts Bay, Robert J. Losey

Volume 37, No. 2

Fall 2003

Volume 38, No. 1

Spring 2004

  • Remembering Archie Phinney, A Nez Perce Scholar, William Willard and J. Diane Pearson, editors
    • Introduction, William Willard and J. Diane Pearson
    • The Nez Perce Anthropologist, William Willard
    • Archie Phinney, the F.B.I., and the F.O.A., David Price
    • Numipu Land Loss: Following Archie Phinney’s Research, J. Diane Pearson
    • Numipu Winter Villages, J. Diane Pearson with Peter J. Harrington, Cartographer
    • Numipu Narratives: The Essence of Survival in the Indian Territory, J. Diane Pearson
    • Revisiting Phinney: Sixty-five Years after “Numipu,” Benedict J. Colombi
    • References Cited, J. Diane Pearson, Assembler

Volume 38, No. 2

Fall 2004

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) in Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington from Indigenous Peoples of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, David A Close, Aaron D. Jackson, Brian P. Conner, and Hiram W. Li
  • Joint Second Prize Student Paper, 57th Northwest Anthropological Conference: The Wapato Valley Predictive Model: Prehistoric Archaeological Site Location on the Floodplain of the Columbia River in the Portland Basin, Leslie M. O’Rourke
  • Joint Second Prize Student Paper, 57th Northwest Anthropological Conference: Whales, Boats, and Anthropomorphs: Iconographic and Contextual Analyses of Two Pictograph Sites in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, Melissa F. Baird
  • First Prize Student Paper, 57th Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference: The Effects of Multiple High-Ranked Prey Species on the Use of Evenness as a Proxy Measure for Diet Breadth: An Example from the Southeastern Columbia Plateau, Vaughn R. Kimball
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Eugene
  • NAGPRA in Southern Idaho: An Ethnographic Assessment of BLM Shoshone-Paiute Archaeological Collections, Deward E. Walker, Jr. and Daniel N. Matthews

Volume 39, No. 1

Spring 2005

  • Shellfish Remains from the Par-Tee Site (35-CLT-20), Seaside, Oregon: Making Sense of a Biased Sample, Robert J. Losey and Eleanor A. Power
  • Residential Mobility Among Indians of the Colville Reservation, Lillian A. Ackerman
  • Dibble Cultivating Prairies to Beaches: The Real All Terrain Vehicle, Jay Miller
  • Canoes and Other Water Craft of the Coeur d’Alene, Roderick Sprague
  • Culture and Thought in Prehistory: Inferences from Extant Graphic Arts: The Hamilton Dome Array of Petroglyphs, Thomas H. Lewis
  • Physical Anthropological Studies by Franz Boas: Introduction and Notes, Ann G. Simonds and translation, Richard L. Bland

Volume 39, No. 2

Fall 2005

  • Protecting Traditional Places Located on Private Property in Western Washington, Ellen Prendergast-Kennedy
  • Archaeology in Social Context: The Influence of Nationalism on the Discussions of the Ainu First Prize Graduate Student Paper, Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Shingo Hamada
  • Malaria in Africa: Is America Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem, First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper, 58th Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2004, Keirsten E. Snover
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2005, Spokane
  • Preserving Our Ideals, Franz Boas

  • Tahoma Legends: History in Two Voices, Astrida R. Blukis Onat

Volume 40, NO. 1

Spring 2006

Volume 40, No. 2

Fall 2006

  • Exotics, Exchange, and Elites: Exploring Mechanisms of Movement of Prestige Goods in the Interior Northwest: First Prize Graduate Student Paper, 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2006, Seattle, Colin Patrick Quinn
  • Making Use of Abandoned Collections: Formative Era Flakes from West Colorado: First Prize Undergraduate Student Paper 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 2006, Seattle, Patrick R. Meloy
  • Abstracts from the 59th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Anthropological Conference, 29 March–1 April 2006, Seattle